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Get to know Learning Links a little bit better by reading on our journey below.


June 1999 –The preschool opened with only 7 students at Guijo st. inside the quiet neighborhood of Sta. Rosa Village 1 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. At the end of the school year, the school which then was called Kinder Power Learning Center, had 14 preschoolers.

June 2001 – The school had to relocate to the adjacent phase of the Sta. Rosa Village 1 because its population grew to 72 preschoolers. The school continued to espouse the integrated core curriculum and the basic tenets of Piaget’s theory.

June 2004 – The school registered its new name, Learning Links Academy, as it now opens its grade school program at the new site at South Forbes Golf City, Silang, Cavite.

The Multiple Intelligence theory and the Self-Science Curriculum strengthened the curricula and program of the school.

2006 – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was incorporated in the Self Science curriculum strengthening the vision of the school.

March 2008 – The school proudly ushered its first batch of Grade 6 students to their elementary graduation rites at the scenic Tagaytay Highlands. The first batch of graduates had 6 students with scholarships in Science High Schools, Arts High Schools as well as International School.

2012 – The school opened the Learning Links Academy of Leadership and Entrepreneurship High School. The school espouses the leadership and excellence in the different tracks continuing with the multiple intelligences learning.

2014 – The school has been granted the candidacy status by the International Baccalaureate Organization paving its way to an accreditation to implement the prestigious IB Diploma Programme in 2016.


To provide a nurturing environment that will give learners opportunities to optimize their intelligence so they can develop into caring and responsible adults in tomorrow’s society.


Learning Links Academy envisions a community of leaders building humane society.

multiple intelligence


Passion. We discover what our unique abilities are. We dedicate ourselves to hone them. We give our best in the things that we do so we can perform them excellently.

Empathy. We understand or feel what the other person is feeling. We listen with the intent to understand.

Respect. We understand that we are a diverse community. Our being diverse is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to learn from our differences and uniqueness. It is our belief that each one has an idea worthy to be listened to no matter how different one’s idea is from mine.

Initiative. We practice being proactive. The opportunities around us are limitless. It is our choice to seize these opportunities without waiting to be told.

Optimism. We believe that for every problem, there are various ways to solve it if only we open our minds to the possibilities. We view problems not as deterrents but as opportunities to unravel our strengths.

Discipline. For one to be exemplary and for our talents and skills to develop, we need to persevere and submit to the rigors of the task at hand. We continuously work hard to harness our craft despite the adversities that come our way.

Our Faculty

Nenen C. Castro


It is our goal to ensure that the human mind is both respectful and ethical. As educators, we have the task to make sure that the human mind is not just learned but humane.

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