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As a protective measure amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we are also opening full-time and flexible learning experiences for your children.

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At Learning Links, we are proud to say that the holistic development we provide opens doors to a better grasp of learning as a lifelong endeavor. 

Our philosophy for the next chapter — High School — is as strongly rooted to making dynamic and progressive learning the primary purpose of education.

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    The General Academics Strand

    humanities 2


    social sciences 2

    Social Science

    disaster readiness

    Disaster Readiness & Risk Reduction

    management 2

    Organization & Management


    Applied Economics


    Learn more about yourself and your future career with our specialized tracks for advanced learning.


    Our STEAM track students develop their scientific skills and thinking through activities like the Science Fair, Field Biology, and Marine Biology camps. As they enhance their skills, they also help the conservation efforts of various NGOs such as the Pawikan Conservation Center and the Sea Cucumber Conservation.


    Students who have chosen Music and Arts tracks are guided in honing their God-given talents and skills. Giving them chances to develop, explore, and showcase these talents and skills in numerous opportunities that the school has taken part in the various activities in the community.


    Every music student is a member of the LeLAc Orchestra. Through this, they improve their talents and skills. Continuous exposure and practice motivate them to become better musicians and individuals. The students collaborate with other musicians and grace different events to bring music appreciation and awareness to the community.


    Students engage themselves in deliberate practice in their chosen sports track. The LALE opens a vast opportunity for the students to participate in different local and international competitions.

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