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Creating leaders through multifaceted learning since 1999.

Learning Links Academy is a school where individuals learn in multifaceted ways; a place where one’s individuality is honored, respected, and honed.

To our great delight, the power of visualization really came to play in making this dream a reality. Somehow, the stars aligned so that all plans will come into fruition.

Over the years, wonderful people have come to join us in rallying and revolutionizing education. They, too, believe that education is more than just knowing of concepts; it is about understanding who we are and what we can ultimately do.

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May 2023 Holidays

Labour Day – May 1

Mother's Day – May 15

June 2023 Holidays

Philippines Independence Day – June 12

August 2023 Holidays

National Heroes' Day – August 28


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Learning Links Academy has received a fantastic 5/5 star rating from parents and students on Google
Learning Links Academy allowed me to identify what I am truly passionate for

My years with Learning Links Academy allowed me to identify what I am truly passionate for.

Learning Links Academy presents an opportunity to develop and improve

Learning Links Academy presents an opportunity to develop and improve.

During my time at LLA, I was able to go beyond my comfort zones, bring out the best of myself, and expand my horizons. As an artist, its arts-specific programs helped me to further embody Music and explore my inner self. I was able to discover my full potential in this exceptional and nurturing environment. And, thanks to the teachers’ support, I was able to do tasks I never knew I could. I owe Learning Links a debt of gratitude for helping me see every ability I possess and for improving my character, which reflects who and what I am today. After four years at Learning Links Academy, I saw firsthand how their curriculum and environment could turn an average student into a committed dreamer who aspires to inspire and encourage others.

Thank you for really having a very nice program that develops leader

My son, Justin was chosen by his professor to lead a team in editing

a video for a school’s entry for a competition. Yesterday, his prof sent a message to me commending Justin’s leadership skills and the talent he has in editing. With this, I would like to give credits to LLA, for without his training facilitated and influenced by his previous teachers, this won’t be possible. Thank you for really having a very nice program that develops leader not just in the school but is also shared to others.

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