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Storytelling is about so much more than telling a funny or interesting tale. Effective storytelling be it in the school, teacher room or stage moves beyond information and captivates the heart of the listeners.

Storytelling is a skill that can be developed and as a tool it can be used to powerful effect. Developed and used purposefully, storytelling can contribute to inclusion and connection, empower our imagination, and bring about a world that is safe and filled with hope even during this pandemic.

How storytelling captures imagination and motivates action for students

Instead of exploring the exponential power of indirect communication. Teaching students with the use of storytelling might just be the way to empower them and encourage a safe, filled with hope environment. In truth this is one of the most useful gifts given to us by our lord all mighty.

For many years at Learning Links Academy we’ve suggested, and encouraged that the best way to communicate is by using our god-given storytelling talents.

Celebrating the world of stories here at LLA


Stories take in so many forms, but they usually have some common elements. Rather than a list of boring facts, stories always have new learnings to offer. It introduces interesting people or characters. All of us respond to stories, particularly when there is emotional detail, and remember information given in story form much more vividly.

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