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Summer Bootcamps Available!

Build your child’s unique interest with our FUNTASTIC and MEANINGFUL summer virtual bootcamps!

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Why register to our bootcamps?

  • Turn your child’s home summer quarantine into a FUNTASTIC learning experience
  • It can boost your child’s resilience
  • It will give your child a meaningful and learning experience this SUMMER
  • It can build your child’s unique interest with our amazing summer virtual bootcamp
  • It can allow your child to deep dive into new skills 
  • This is the best time to unleash your child’s skills

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    Learn More About Our Summer Bootcamps

    Camp Wonderopolis

    Connect with your WONDERS exploring six different branches of science and discover the ways science is behind so many wonders in our everyday world. It can help build vocabulary, background knowledge in science, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and other literacy skills along the way. Campers will surely enjoy this fun and exciting summer camp!

    Schedule/No of Sessions: July 1-15 (Tue/Wed/Thu)

    Facilitator: Teacher Mary

    The World of Theatre (Introduction to Theatre)

    A course covering the basics in theatre. From history to the production staff to acting workshop! An all-around course to equip the students with the knowledge and skills that’s all about the world of theatre. (Will have more days spent on acting workshop)

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 5-8 sessions (1 hour classes)

    Facilitator: Teacher Cheb

    Youtube/FB Webcasting Basics (Introduction to Theatre)

    Teaching the basics of setting up a YT Channel/FB Livestream, including concepts and marketing.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 2 Sessions, After HS School Year (June-July)

    Facilitator: Teacher Jhei Baylon

    Hydroponics and Diet Plan

    It will teach students how to grow vegetables using hydroponics. It will be part of the Planting 101 program with Tr. Jean. The diet plan will be part of the Physical Fitness program with Tr. Lori. It will teach students to create a diet plan according to their needs.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: July 1-15 and July 16-30/twice a week

    Facilitator: Teacher Sheryl

    Basic Mountaineering and Survival

    This course will help you to enjoy the outdoor activity and prepare for basic survival in the wilderness.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 1 hour/session 3x a week (2 weeks)

    Facilitator: Matuzalm A. Bobiles

    Statistics and Probability

    Increase your quantitative reasoning skills through a deeper understanding of statistics and probability.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: July 1 – 15

    Facilitator: Teacher Vhel

    Planting and Organic Composting

    Identifying and process of planting/composting.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 2x a week

    Facilitator: Jean Endriga

    Edible Science

    A tasty Science experiment for kids. It is a fun and delicious way to learn and explore science.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: Monday to Thursday/8 sessions

    Facilitator: Rosemarie A. Platero (Teacher Rose)

    VBS – Vacation Bible School

    This is a thematic and Bible -based approach. This program is an evangelistic way where we can bring more souls and bring kids closer and know more our God. It provides and strengthens the interest of the kids to love reading.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21 – July 2, 2021

    Facilitator: Teacher Lycel Jane C. Libay

    Physical Fitness/Workout

    It is a state of health and well-being achieved through proper nutrition, exercise and sufficient rest.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 1 hour/session 3x a week

    Facilitator: Lorilie

    Basic Procedures in Setting Up A Business; Basic Bookkeeping; Costing & Price Setting

    Students will learn proper ways of establishing a business and determining whether the business is earning or not.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 3 times a week

    Facilitator: Tr. Omer Muldong

    Workshop for Arts

    Replicating Works of Famous Artist

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 2 weeks

    Facilitator: Oscar T. Rotap

    Camp Creativity

    10days of free online crafting

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 19-23 / June 26-30

    Facilitator: Teacher Agnes M. Jocson

    Math Camp

    Math games, challenges and lots of fun!

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 14-30 (MWF)

    Facilitator: Teacher Agnes M. Jocson

    Sewing Camp

    Module 1 – Bedroom Edition

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21 to July 9 (MWF)

    Facilitator: Teacher Agnes M. Jocson

    Beginning Reading

    A two week reading camp for children who are having difficulty with reading, writing and comprehension.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 14 – 25

    Facilitator: Teacher Eva Pahunao


    Students will understand the importance of creatively writing using digital platforms. In this workshop they will enhance their skill to become more digital and virtually literate. 

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21 – July 2 (MWF)

    Facilitator: Dyesebel S. Mendoza (Teacher Mona)

    Kids Ministry

    Students will understand the significance of having consistent connection with the Creator. Students will enhance the skills in creative art works using various media in expressing one’s thoughts. 

    Schedule/No of Sessions: (TTh ) 1.5hrs / session

    Facilitator: Dyesebel S. Mendoza (Teacher Mona)

    Baking 101 & Food Prep

    Baking 101 – simple baking recipes/ Food Prep – preparing nutritional food.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: 3 x a week (for 1 week)

    Facilitator: Cheryll Leus

    Vision Board Party 2021

    Manifest the dreams in your heart.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: May 15, 19, & 26 / June 2  &June 9

    Facilitator: Tr. Nenen C. Castro

    Reading Camp

    This camp will help foster literacy and learning by providing your children with the opportunity to interact with teachers and other participants, in an enjoyable way.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 14 – 25

    Facilitator: Teacher Eva

    Business Planning for Kids

    Expose your kids with a fun and exciting introduction to the world of business planning.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: July 1 – 15 (Ages 9-12)

    Facilitator: Teacher Thelma

    Knowing Thyself

    In this bootcamp your kids will understand the importance of self-awareness. It’s also about recognizing that how they act affects themselves and others.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 23 – July 2 

    Facilitator: Teacher Mona

    Acting Workshop

    Performing acting workshops are a great place for kids to explore their creativity and build their self-confidence in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21 – July 2 

    Facilitator: Teacher Cheb

    Filipino Camp

    In this introductory bootcamp, students will learn about the Filipino culture and how to speak basic phrases and greetings in Tagalog.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21 – July 2 

    Facilitator: Teacher Lyndy

    Basic Video Editing

    Allow your kids to learn the basic of Video Editing this summer. Participants will learn the foundation of digital video editing, effects and more!

    Schedule/No of Sessions: July 1 –  15 

    Facilitator: Teacher Mary

    Creative Drawing

    Let’s have a creative and fun way to stay at home. Learn basic techniques in coloring and painting.

    Schedule/No of Sessions: June 21, 2021 to July 2, 2021 | Mon to Thu

    Facilitator: Teacher Rose

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