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Experiential learning is one of the best ways to teach creative problem-solving. With real-world experience, childrens’ learn that there are multiple solutions to any problem.

 As part of our mission to develop great leaders here at Learning Links Academy, we are incorporating off-site school trips and project-based learning into the curriculum. 

One example is our recent Coffee and Cacao Tour where students had fun learning by participating with LLA’s advocacy and commitment to sustainability in agriculture.

Why is experiential learning important?

In todays’ world, digital classes and niche-based skill workshops are the easy ways for companies to stay up-to-date with the changing organizational landscape and skills that are necessary to thrive in today’s modern environment. For these reasons, there are increasing employers who are valuing soft skills for their employees. For many industries, soft skills such as adaptability and empathy are considered the most valuable skill set in todays’ game.

What are the benefits of experiential learning?

Experiential learning has some great benefits and they are as follows; 

  • Students can better understand concepts 
  • Students have the chance to be more creative 
  • Students have the opportunity to reflect on the process and outcome 
  • Students’ mistakes become valuable learning experiences 
  • Teachers more often see their student’s improvements with their attitudes toward learning

How does LLA incorporate experiential learning in the classroom?

To have a positive effect, we encourage teachers and even parents to add some experiential learning to their student’s curriculum and/or outside activities. We believe that in order to hone great leaders of the future, it’s important to give students the foundation to experience real-world content to enhance their creativity and most importantly their love for the environment.

Looking for the best programs for your kids?

Request more information if you’d like to hear more from our admissions team about our online learning options at Learning Links Academy for your kids. Please call us directly at (+63) 917-305-8574 for more info or email us at lla.admissions@learninglinks.edu.ph. 

Thank you for reading! The views and information provided in this post do not reflect Learning Links Academy programs and/or outcomes directly. If you are interested in learning more about our programs, you can find a complete list of our programs by clicking here or reach out directly using contact form if you have any further questions!

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