Learning Links Academy

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ANNOUNCEMENT (Elementary Department)
CHILDREN’S DAY — Nov 18, 2021 @ 1-3:30pm for Section A and B
For Children to feel that they are loved, blessed and special.
That they are an important member of the community.
To get to know and interact with other children.
General Assembly
  • Prayer – Akio Medina
  • Opening Message from: Teacher Nen, Teacher Eva, and Tr. Agnes

Acquaintance Party (Per Level)

  • Games, Dance & Snacks
Note: *We kindly ask the Parents to prepare something for the kids-gift or letter and your child’s favorite snack *For Section A, no regular class in the morning. *For Section B, refer to their morning assessment schedule. *For Acquaintance Party, Section A and B will be merge (per level)- This will be handled by the class adviser.