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Best Educational Apps That Will Help You With Studying

Almost two decades ago, a cellular phone would only be exclusive to either the wealthy or the working class. The phones back then were bulky, some even have antennas, and only allows calling and messaging. An internet connection through a mobile phone was pretty much non-existent.

The applications available aside from calling and texting are simple ringtone makers or the ever popular Snake. But due to advancements in technology, the smartphone was born.

Advancements in Technology

A modern cellular phone has a viewing screen of a small television, the processing power of a computer, and pristine quality cameras. The benefits of the application within a phone combined the features of a computer, a camera, a calculator, an entertainment pad, and a telephone all in one nifty package.

As a student, having a phone can be a bane due to the limitless available apps that can be distracting. But a phone is also a boon; considering that in the unlimited available app selection, there are a good few selections that can help you study better:

Brain Focus Productivity Timer

An app made by Brain Focus is available both in iOS and Android. Studying habits involve strict time management skills. Yet, not everyone has a good grasp of the concept of good time management. Brain Focus Productivity Timer can help the student have a good time management scheme through the Pomodoro Technique.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management scheme wherein a person must make an oath to work non-stop for 25 minutes then rest for 5 minutes, then back to the usual workload. The underlying principle is that there must be breaks in-between work but that said break is limited and controlled.

(Off Time)

Having good time management schemes are not enough given that the cellular phone is a good distraction. One glance at a social media app and the focus can be gone in a second.

(Off Time) provides a solution. The app, when activated, disables all other apps. This means that any notifications that will be received will not pop up. This will also virtually lock the phone making the apps that tend to distract be untouched.

One Note

Ergonomically speaking, it is more comfortable to prepare a 30-page thesis using a computer comparing it to a cellular phone. Doing it comfortably makes the work faster and easier to manage. But the reality is a computer and a laptop is too bulky to bring every day. And not everyone owns a laptop and a computer.

One Note’s greatest feature is that it syncs notes between devices. Once the notes or scribblings are made via phone or computer, provided that there is an internet connection, it will update the file in all devices.

A project or a case digest that was done in the laptop can now also be viewed in One Note. This is handy, considering the fast-paced movement of students nowadays. Instead of a high stack of papers, the student can now glance or skim through their work only using a mobile phone.

Special Mentions

The apps given are focused in allowing the student to better focus, manage time, and make use of effective note-taking. But there are still apps that are helpful for students specifically for file organization. Here are some:

Google Drive – A good repository of documents which can be accessed on demand. A user can make folders and subfolders

Adobe Acrobat – PDF files are one of the most common document files online. In order to access these files, a pdf reader is usually required. Adobe Acrobat is a prime example.

My Study Life – A great scheduler and reminder app. The app has a calendar and a schedule of classes per week. Aside from that, the user can schedule home works or projects with a timetable and accomplishment report.


These apps will aid in keeping you on track while studying. This may help you with effective time management, convenient note-taking, file organization, and better focus.

However, all apps will not be maximized if you won’t make studying on top of your priorities. Remember, it’s always being passionate and disciplined that will help you succeed in studying!

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