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How Senior Highschool Prepares Your Child For The Future

Almost half a decade ago, the Philippines was still using the 10-year basic education system where 6 years are spent in elementary while the remaining 4 years are spent in high school before being admitted to higher education. But with the new K to 12 Program, it added another 2 years to a child’s basic education. So what does this mean for the student? What advantages will they have? How will adding Senior High School affect their future?

“The additional two years meant more time for the students to contemplate.”

The senior high school offers specializations where different tracks and strands are available. This makes it easier for your child to adjust to new environments once they graduate from Senior High School. The additional two years meant more time for students to contemplate. This became a way to determine if the student is interested on their desired college course, if they choose to continue into higher education.

With the additional time, students can also pursue more extracurricular activities inside or outside the school. Those activities can range from joining wholesome organizations or by social work. Lastly, the chances of employability in an international labor market is increased. The standard basic education around the world adopts a 12-year curriculum. With that in mind, this increases the probability your child be accepted in a multinational company.

K-12 Sta Rosa Senior Highschool
Choosing a strand can be confusing for some


This is the main reason why senior high school is important. Students can choose a specialization as early as senior high school. Knowing a student’s interest before even entering High School enables you to predict their future career path. Senior High School offers different tracks along with different strands. The tracks that DepEd offers are:


If a student takes the academic track, it’s assumed that the student will pursue higher education. The academic track offers strands that provide more focus on a student’s interest. The strands of the academic track are the following:


The strands speak for what specialization they provide. BAM (Business, Accountancy, Management) is for students entertaining the idea of dominating the corporate world. Business practices are introduced as early as before entering college. This might also awake the entrepreneurial spirit of your child. Starting a business is no easy task, along with maintaining and expanding a company. Related careers are corporate in nature, from accountants, managers, financial analysts, brokers, and business owners. 

BAM Track is suited for the business-minded


HESS (Humanities, Education, Social Sciences) also offers psychology and philosophy. Any interhuman activity is studied in HESS in its basic form. Aspiring lawyers, journalists, teachers, and psychologists will usually take this strand. 


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) strand focuses on natural and applied science. This also includes IT related courses, architecture, chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences and the like. Possible career paths vary, ranging from a scientist to doctors, engineers to architects, software analysts to cybersecurity, and robotics.


Sta Rosa Highschool
GAS Track is for those who wish to fulfill their passions

GAS (General Academic Strand) allows students the option to choose their electives from the different specializations. This will give a chance for a student to decide on what career they feel like they can highly succeed and be more passionate about.


The TVLT (Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track) offers subjects that ensure a graduate to obtain a National Certificate II as long as the student takes an assessment exam in Technical Education and Skills Development Agency (TESDA). If the student wishes to help his family to earn money at an early age, this would be an ideal track. Having an NC II increases the chances of being employed not only locally, but internationally. Certifications in automotive, baking, smithing, fishery, agriculture, and the like are always a plus in your child’s resume.

Sports track are for those passionate about athletics

ADS (Arts and Design Track) enables the student to further hone and improve his or her artistic skills. The track also helps in further appreciation of the arts and additional in-depth understanding of their own craft. Careers range from theater, digital artist, musicians, painters, and so on.

Sports track not only focuses on athleticism alone but the sports’ team dynamics, its management, and further development. Enrolling in the sports track will help when taking Physical Education as a college course choice. Sports-related careers involve referees, coaches, team managers, tournament organizers, and the athlete itself.

The benefits...

Choosing your child’s specialization will give him or her an edge once college begins, and eventually with their careers. Keep in mind that academic tracks are generally offered everywhere. The rest of the tracks are offered mostly in special schools. 

Schools like Learning Links offer the GAS strand, as they promote multiple learning where students are more involved and have more control over their futures. Allowing them to choose fields they care deeply about, enabling them to lead fulfilled life by individually training them in their chosen paths.

Letting your child choose their path can lead to them become more fulfilled in life

Extra time...

Your child will have more extra time given by the additional 2 years of the curriculum. Indeed, age is not the perfect measure for maturity but the experience it holds. Senior high school experience is vastly different from which the student had in their elementary and junior high school years. The average age of a senior high school student ranges from 16 to 18 years old, yet another crucial point in time of every person as they are old enough to know the nuances of society. 

“The additional time to nurture the students will be beneficial once they [start their careers] given that they understand the importance of contributing to society.”

Another benefit for the extra time is that the student will have the time to contemplate whether or not they will continue to the related track for their college. The extra time in senior high school may fix that.

Higher chances of employment...

Keeping up with international standards is a great boost for employment for K-12 graduates

The goal of the government in implementing the K-12 program is to ensure future adults to gain more competitive skills that are marketable worldwide. The international standard for basic education is 12 years. With the Philippines adapting the curriculum, this would entail that every citizen can be as competitive with our fellow ASEAN members as well. This increases the probability of being employed. And since the country is still in a transition period from old to the new curriculum, there will be a number of opportunities that will open up.

In conclusion...

It’s important to highlight choice when choosing a path for high school. Especially when it will affect a significant part of your child’s future. Making them choose which strand or path they would like to take will have a great impact on their future. 

If you’re child is unsure of which path they would like to take, Learning Links promotes self-discovery and growth to help them understand what they want to become in life. 

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