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Schools for Multiple Intelligence Learning

SCHOOLS THAT OFFER MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE LEARNING Problem-solving ability, fluency in language, excellence in chess, and spatial manipulation – all of these have become an indication of a student’s intelligence. Most people from different walks of life also believe that a student should possess these traits to be considered as brilliant and top of the class.  Yet, this claim seems to be unfair. This is primarily because plenty of research now exist, showing that there are Read more…

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What we know about Multiple Intelligence

Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist and a professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard University, has made a breakthrough in the development of cognitive research in the year 1983. This is through his introduction of Multiple Intelligence Theory which mainly explains that people understand, perform, and express learnings in different ways. THE EIGHT INTELLIGENCES: There are originally seven intelligences in this theory which later on became eight.  As explained, we all have these Read more…