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The Best Study Habits You Should be Making Today

Think of Senior High School as an exciting bridge between high school and college. You have the best of both worlds: you still have a relaxed workload similar to high school, but you also have the new opportunities college has.

However, this also will be a challenge to yourself. SHS is as good as you make it to be. That is why proper study habits are important to make sure your hard effort pays. Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can become more productive while studying:

Don't just pretend!

Take notes and record everything


The reason why historians have built a present image of the past is that of records. To review for a test or a recitation, you must also have clear notes and record of all the topics that were discussed in the classroom. There are various note-taking techniques that many people recommend but it is better you follow what suits you best.

We have technology, Spongebob!

Utilize technology


Having a hard time solving a mathematical problem? Let math apps like Wolfram Alpha guide you on solving it. You can also use Google Docs to help you and your classmates work together on a single document in real time.

Do not forget the basics too such as using your phone’s voice recorder to read notes or prepare questions for yourself later, or your camera to take photos of schedules and written lectures. There are also millions of investigative stories, scholarly researches, and informative videos online which you can use to expand your knowledge on a certain topic.

You can understand concepts better by asking questions.

Ask questions


You may have experienced this: the teacher asks if there are any questions pertaining to the topic, the rest of the class quietly nods telling the teacher there are no questions. The beauty in asking a question is you get to converse to your teacher about a specific information which in most cases, you will easily remember in the future.


Have realistic targets and break them down


When studying for the finals, your reviewers for Mathematics, Science, and English may overwhelm you. To finish all these, set a realistic target.

Instead of thinking you need to review all subjects for tonight, break them down. For example, from 6pm-7pm you will study Mathematics, 7pm-8pm for Science, and so on. With this, you will have a checklist-type of review.

The library is a treasure trove!

Visit (and study) in the library


For others, the library may be a boring place filled with boring people. But when in need of deep focus, this is the place to go. This is a place where you can do research, both manual and online, be surrounded by other people who are also studying and expect no interruptions. Try it once and you will see that it is more effective, productivity-wise, studying in the library than other places inside the school.


Take a break


This means taking care of yourself by eating properly, exercising regularly, attending social events, having a “me time,” and learning from your mistakes.

One good way to do this is to join a club or an organization in school. This will help you build a routine, expand your knowledge, and have others critique your work ethic. This will also make your after-school life happier since you will build a social network in and outside of school.

In the end, consider the habits you're building for your future.



It is important to build a set of proper study habits while in SHS so that you will be prepared for college and work — and mind you, those can be totally different experiences from SHS.

These are just basic and realistic advice for you to excel in your academics. Soon, you can pick what study habits work for you and discard those which do not. Remember: you work hard to be successful, but you work smart to be great.

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