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BAYANIhan para sa Bayan

As the world gets overwhelmed about the fluctuating numbers of people infected by the virus and the vaccination issue, we seemed to have neglected the well-being of the children. Since the start of this pandemic in March 2020, education shifted online; unfortunately, this was limited to the private schools in the Philippines. The public schools students which comprise 80% of the total student population in the Philippines had to rely on modules which they had to carry out independently or with the help of their parents. Although there might be nothing wrong with this alternative as other families in other cultures opt to do homeschooling, majority of these students from the Philippine Public school system have parents who barely finished elementary schooling; therefore, they also had difficulty administering the modules. The students end up not understanding, or in worse cases, dropping out from the system altogether. 

The Philippines might not feel the effect of this yet, but definitely, this painful reality will have adverse effects on the different facets of society. But…together we can do something! Through private –public partnerships we can help the public schools take care of the students’ educational success. We can level the field by providing them access to online education. How can you be a part of the solution? Your donation of Php 5,000 ($100 USD) will provide a public student a reliable gadget and wifi allowance that will allow her/him to attend zoom classes with a teacher and classmates. Will you commit to be a part of the solution with us? John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

The Plan: Learning Links Academy will open our zoom classrooms to 120 students from the Inchikan Elementary school and Tibig Elementary schools where Learning Links Academy teachers can teach synchronously dividing the usual 50-60 students per section in the public schools to a ratio of teachers to students that will allow us to pay more attention to the holistic learning of every student in a virtual space.

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