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Early childhood education is essential for building a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. We continue to extend our new models of learning at the preschool level for your child’s holistic development.

Hybrid Program

Teachers will meet virtually with your children with no more than 1 hour of screen time exposure. Programs will include daily short readings, teacher-guided cognitive activities, and creative play.

Family Dynamics

Family members, caregivers, or guardians are encouraged to participate physically to keep the session interactive. It will also include daily loads of virtual physical activities with classmates.

Training and Mentoring for Caregivers and Guardians

We will create a 40 week period home activities that will promote the total development of preschool children. Parents and/or caregivers will be provided with Socio-Emotional, Communication and Language Development, as well as Positive Guidance to further improve the overall learning experience with the child.

Customized Family Projects

Projects will serve as formative assessments that will show development in the different areas of oneself. This will be designed and customized according to the situation of the family.

Adaptably Physical Setup

A learning center and pretend area shall be set up at home that will ensure optimum learning at home.

Daily Teacher Monitoring and Feedback

Zoom view shall be available for teachers to monitor and observe interactive activity sessions with caregivers for feedback and coaching.

Provision of Developmental Materials

Educational toys such as blocks, puzzles, and other fun-filled materials will be provided to keep engagements meaningful.

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