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Knowing the fact that schools and colleges are shut, online learning has become a new normal all across the world. The online learning programs are rising with each passing day. Synchronous online learning has become very popular as it offers online interaction with fellow students and instructors in real-time. Students can learn round the clock and participate in live discussions easily. They can pick from various schedules, timings, and courses to learn within the comfort of their homes.

Today, synchronous online learning is nothing short of a boon for students and professors. It helps schools and colleges all across the world to conduct classes efficiently and effectively. However, to conduct a successful real-time class or synchronous learning session, it is important to follow some important tips.

For the learners:

  1. Join smaller classes and groups
  2. Make sure you have the preparation task sent by the instructors before taking a class
  3. Ensure that your cameras are on while attending the virtual session
  4. Be present during the attendance-checking
  5. Make sure that you are briefed about the lessons for that day

For the instructors:

  1. Make sure to have a good number of activities, insights, and catchy content to generate interest among students during the live session
  2. Keep asking questions to the students to keep them active and alert
  3. Show your face to keep students engaged
  4. While asking questions, make sure to give your students some time to prepare an answer
  5. Don’t forget to double-check all your learning materials and resources before starting the class
Synchronous Online Learning

Taking a real-time class online is fun. However, it needs to be very interesting and engaging to enhance the productivity and learning process of your students. So, it’s very important to take care of all the above tips to minimize the challenges and hurdles while taking the synchronous online learning session.

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