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With the ever changing landscape we have right now, it’s imperative to build your child’s resilience so they can pursue their dreams and overcome challenges ahead of them. While having a strong mind can be the best asset for your kids’ growth, some parents might not have the capability to understand the best ways to build it, so we made a list just for you to contemplate.

1. Be Intentional

Curving progress and growth for your child can be sometimes impossible with life and work getting in the way but it’s important to take it seriously as it will be a vital thing for them growing up. In order to do this, parents are highly encouraged to be intentional when it comes to helping their kids to have a strong mind. For example, instead of giving your hands to them so they could get up when they stumble, you might try to avoid doing it. You can let your kids get up on their own because, on doing this, you’re being intentional to build their resilience.

2. Learn to deal with negative thoughts

High performance kids are those who can deal with their negative thoughts for whatever reasons. As it might sound easier than done this way involves setting up the right mindset, supportive learning environment and guidance from parents and teachers.

3. Be mindful

Mindfulness means taking control of your focus. Whether it’s an emotion, a thought, a belief, an impulse, or something in the environment, mindfulness calls us to approach everything with a curious, nonjudgmental, open, and accepting attitude. To be the most resilient and mentally strong, make the time to be mindful so your kids can focus on achieving their dreams.

4. Ready yourself to face the storm

Adversity is something we cannot control so you should prepare your kids as soon as possible so they can combat more challenges that arrive.

5. Find out what motivates you

Think about what drives your child to achieve or persevere in your day-to-day life. If you often find your kids just trying to get through the day, ask them without judgement what they would do with their time if they didn’t have to worry about basic concerns like assignments.

6. Be Informed

As technology keeps updating everyday and so are you and your kids. You need to find a way to be informed on what is happening in their generation and then try to immerse yourself so you could understand how you help your kids to keep up with their mental game.

7. Be Accountable

Develop the mindset early on for you kids that they’re in control of their own actions and choices. Instead of blaming other people when something goes wrong, think about how you can teach your kids to respond constructively, and ask whether they can prevent it from happening again.

8. Be grateful

In the business of our busy lives we neglect many of the basic concepts of recognition but gratitude gives us fortitude. Gratitude can transform any common day into a thanks giving day and turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into something we get grateful about.

9. Develop good habits

Increase your child’s willpower by establishing small positive habits everyday, such as getting up the first time their alarm goes off, keeping the room clean, and exercising regularly. If they procrastinate often, break the habit by making your kids accountable to other people and breaking their goals down into achievable steps.

10. Constantly learn

One trait shared by a lot of great and successful people is the perseverance to reading and learning. Successful people are voracious readers. They know that learning is a key ingredient for a strong mind.

How LLA Can Help Your Kids to Have Strong Mind

Here at Learning Links Academy, we provide a supportive environment where growth is valued. Over the years, wonderful people have come to join us in rallying and revolutionizing education. They, too, believe that education is more than just knowing concepts; it is about understanding who we are and what we can ultimately do.

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