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The year 2016 introduced and added the Senior High School curriculum. The Philippine government believes that it will produce competitive graduates. It aims to have the students increase their chances of being employed regardless of finishing tertiary education. For us, Filipinos, it is a new concept. Parents and students are now choosing the best school that will work great for them. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a senior high school:

Offered Strands

The senior high school curriculum is distinct from the elementary, the old high school, and college. The new curriculum offers strands. Schools with senior high school usually have the four major strands being offered.

General Academic Strands provide flexibility due to the subjects being taught are a mix of the other strand. It has the highest enrolled students compared to the other strands since it provides a slice of STEM, BAM, and HUMSS helping them identify which college course they would best fit in.

Consider the General Academic Strand if you want to explore your passions!

STEM aims to give a good start for students who are fascinated with natural science and engineering. BAM is for the enterprising student, seeing the world as full of business opportunities. Lastly, HUMSS is for students who recognize the world needs help through civic duty.

It is best to ask your child or yourself what your career goals are at the onset of their elementary or junior high school years.

School Facilities

Amenities provided by the school helps in improving the student’s learning. The strands being offered often requires facilities that can further supplement their learning. STEM students need science laboratories and/or a machine shop since their focus is more on subjects like chemistry and physics.

Lacking the basic essentials of a proper school will definitely affect the student’s behavior and capacity to learn effectively.

The Prestige of the School

Prestige doesn’t mean expensive!

Prestige does not necessarily mean the school is run by a private institution. There are schools that are public in nature yet provide quality education and produce stellar graduates. To check the prestige of the school, a simple Google search might help or visit target schools. Some schools are known for their specialization.


Undeniably, location gives a huge factor in choosing a school. Accessibility is an issue for most people due to travel time and commuting expenses. Given that you found a school that meets your criteria, you might ask yourself and your child if the commute will be worth it. You might have the ideal school but it’s located in the next town with two hours of travel time, you may consider renting a dormitory.


It’s wise to think over the cost and benefit of each school. Most schools offer a scholarship that can stave off fully or partially the burden. And as stated above, there are schools who have socialized matriculation but still provide quality education.  

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, education is the greatest investment a person can have. This intangible asset will always be with the person whatever happens in his or her life. Better think well, analyze the pros and cons of each school in mind — but it’s also important to understand the needs and passion of yourself or your child.

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