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Adapting to an ever-changing online environment can be both rewarding and challenging for both Filipino parents and students. In order to make sure that your child can maximize their learning potential at home, parents should have the ability to embrace online education too.

So how can parents embrace online education in 2021? Our experts curated (8) eight practical tips for busy millennial parents to cope up with this fast changing world because we understand that when parents enable themselves to embrace distance learning. It’s no doubt that it can be very beneficial for their child’s growth as well.

1. Ask the Experts

If you’re a busy parent that doesn’t have any idea about online education in 2021 (especially the ins and outs of this kind of medium) we think that it’s helpful and practical for you to ask online education experts like us here in Learning Links Academy. We will surely give you our best recommendations and advice to help you on embracing this online education today for your kids to thrive.

2. Share What Challenges You’re Having

Remember, that you’re not alone in these challenging times. There are also parents out there who are having challenges just like you. Now, the easy part is asking but, if you could also share the challenges you’re having right now as a parent within or outside your community it’s going to be vital for you to discover how you can overcome it.

3. Establish Rules

Whether online or in traditional learning methods, rules are meant to be established. So, as parents you have to set specific rules for your child to help them and at the same time keep your sanity when your child is engaging online. For example, you can set a schedule for them to use their computer for games, so they can focus more on the things that matter in terms of their learning potentials.

4. Have a Specific Learning Goals In-mind

Now it’s easy to say that your child will finish a certain goal in a certain time. Whether you’re giving them a small goal or bigger goal. You have to be specific so your kids can finish it within their level of understanding, always remember that online education is about having specific goals in-mind otherwise it can only give you headaches along the way without it.

5. Explore windows of opportunity

While these might be super challenging for most parents, you have to realize that there are opportunities you could explore to benefit your child with online education. Online learning can be very difficult to handle and some parents might find it very confusing, in order to not stress yourself having the sense that there are opportunities within this landscape that you could explore is a great way to embrace it.

6. Experiment with new approaches

Online education has boundless possibilities. As a parent it’s your duty to understand and experiment new approaches to help your child grow more. While it’s a medium of endless possibilities, it is not hard to understand that you have to try different approaches to determine what’s not or what’s right for you and your kids.

7. Stay Organized

Staying organized can be super hard at some point especially if you’re a busy parent that is struggling to find time and energy to help your kids obtain additional knowledge for their significant growth. But, increasing the predictability of what to expect or to do next is more important than ever for you to fully embrace online education.

8. Adapt Evergreen Mindset

In order for you to see clearly where your child’s learning progress is going, adapting to an evergreen mindset should be on the list. This not only helps you recognize the big picture but can also help you embrace the online education that has been vital to everyone nowadays.

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