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It has always been backed by science and human experience that having hobbies lead to personal growth. This can be attributed to the person constantly learning, being grounded on goals, and just having a life outside of work.

Hobbies shouldn’t necessarily be costly or time-consuming! With that in mind, we have listed the top 4 hobbies that you can start this summer!

Calisthenics or Bodyweight Exercises

Going to the gym can be repetitive and boring in the long run because gym exercises generally use limited human movements.

Fortunately, calisthenics or bodyweight exercises is the solution for this. With calisthenics, you can learn various human movements such as the simple one-legged or pistol squat to the advanced handstand pushups. The advantage of bodyweight exercises over free-weight exercises are mainly these three things:

You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership to get fit this summer!
  1. It’s mainly free and doesn’t require equipment. You can do pushups, squats, and planks at your home. However, to progress in calisthenics, you need to have pull-up bars or gym rings which you can just build or use at the gym.
  2. It’s a compound exercise which works a lot of muscles unlike lifting weights which only works the focus muscle area.
  3. It’s more challenging and impressive! Calisthenics requires not only physical strength but also flexibility, balance, and sheer will.

If you are looking to stay fit, learn impressive movements, and be strong but is tired of lifting weights, calisthenics is for you.

Phone Photography

If you’re always using your mobile phone, why not make the most out of it? Sit in a cafe or just pause during your daily routine and take photos!

Consider starting a blog of your summer adventures!

Appreciating the value of preserving a more interesting and significant moment in your life can be quite therapeutic. You can start by exploring new routes and take a photo of the things that you have not seen before.

Great photography doesn’t require expensive cameras, most smartphones nowadays are capable of taking high-quality photos at moment’s notice.

Reading Long-form Articles

If you like long stories that don’t require a weeklong dedication to complete, consider reading long-form articles!

Longform articles are stories or news investigations that have 1,000 to 2,000 words. Immerse in the stories and issues authors have researched for a long time. This can also help you develop a better understanding of the world and topics you’re interested about.

Most long-form articles are free online. You can start with longform.org, longreads.net, or magazine.atavist.com. The first two compiles interesting articles from different websites while the latter publishes a true and bizarre story every month!

Baking (Or the 52 Weeks Baking Challenge)

The smell and taste of freshly baked bread is something all humans will always love. Simply put, baking is a type of cooking that requires you to heat a dish for a long time to make it edible.

Try baking at home and also ask your family to participate!

The 52 weeks baking challenge requires you to bake something every week for 52 weeks or one year. You can start with basic recipes such as chocolate chip cookies or dinner rolls. As you practice, try baking baguettes or sourdough bread for the family!

Just like any hobbyist, you will get better as long as you dedicate yourself to it. Challenge yourself by baking harder recipes such as chocolate souffle or creme brulees.

Start A Hobby!

Start your summer with these 4 hobbies and you can be always the most interesting person in a room by being the person who can handstand, takes cinematic photos, knows a lot about issues and stories, and someone who brings good dessert in every occasion!

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