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The common misconception among parents about homeschooling is that this style of education doesn’t prepare their children for higher education such as college.  It’s understandable why this opinion exists, as you have questions about the curriculum’s quality. There are also queries on the impact of homeschool on your child’s ability to socialize. Valid doubts, but you should know that you don’t have to worry about these issues. Learning Links Academy is here to give you evidence on why homeschooling is an excellent option for your child:

Homeschool program positively impacts college

homeschool student taking exam

After your child completes his/her final grade 12 exams, he/she still has another hurdle to clear – pre-college admission exams. You know the deal – enrolling your teenager in crash courses and tightening up his/her shortcomings in subjects of importance.

These exams are crucial as they determine which college your young one can join. Unlike students who go to private or public schools, homeschoolers don’t have to learn a wide variety of subjects.

The personalized and focused nature of this style of education ensures your child has the skill sets and knowledge to take on these admission exams. According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), students going to homeschool score 15 – 30% higher in these exams than their peers from conventional education establishments. The same research also shows that parents don’t need to be certified teachers for this to be true.  

Socialization – yay or nay?

Homeschool student talking with friends

From an outsider’s perspective, homeschool can feel like a style of education where the child has to learn by himself/herself. As your young one doesn’t go to school, he/she won’t be able to interact with hundreds, resulting in him/her becoming anti-social. It makes sense when you look at it from the surface level.

However, as you start to dig deeper into homeschool, you will observe the data indicates otherwise. According to this study, children from this style of education have better social skills than their peers from public schools.

The same research goes on to show the benefits of homeschool. Children who follow this style of learning tend to have high-quality relationships and friendships with adults and parents. Researchers state that there is a greater chance for homeschool children to be unselfish with their actions.

Homeschool impact on personal development

Homeschooled teen happily studying

As your child starts to grow older, he/she is less likely to show problem behaviors and emotional turmoil. Your young one will have a strong social responsibility. Due to this reason, he/she is more likely to take part in public meetings, voting, and community service.

Another study shows that depression levels among homeschool children are lower when compared to their peers who attend traditional schools. One study focused on reviewing the homeschool research conducted by peers, had interesting results.

The majority of the children from this technique of learning performed better than their counterparts from conventional institutions.” The areas under focus are emotional and social development, adulthood success, and academic achievement.

Key takeaways

When your child goes to college after homeschool, the truth is that your young one won’t struggle. Due to the habits and discipline your son/daughter has to learn and establish, he/she will have all the skills to be successful in his/her higher education ventures. At the same time, he/she will involve himself/herself in community activities. From all the research above, one thing is clear – these false facts about homeschool comes from stereotypes than collected data.

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At Learning Links Academy, we make it a point to discover common misconceptions and look for studies to find out if these claims are true. If you want to find out about homeschooling programs for your child, get in touch with us.   


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