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Do your children come back home from school and inform you they didn’t enjoy their classes at all? Every student is unique, as everyone comes with a distinct set of preferences and learning abilities. The conventional education techniques, unlike multiple intelligences, only focus on areas that may be effective with specific types of students. Multiple Intelligence Theory recognizes the individuality of your children as it has nine different ways they can learn. Why does Learning Links Academy emphasize multiple intelligences to be crucial for students? Given below are four reasons which highlight why your children will benefit from this style of learning:

Better way to gauge learning

What is the advantage of having nine different styles of learning? Well, our teachers have multiple ways they can assess how your children are performing in school. Testing methods don’t only have to stick to oral or written exams, as it can include activities such as building a prototype or working model to know whether your kids understood the concepts.

child building a car prototype with the help of multiple intelligence

For instance, if your children show interest in automobiles, multiple intelligences assessment will help the teachers understand their real potential. Your kids can create a prototype of a car engine and draw a diagram. Through this way of learning, your children will use visual-spatial and linguistic intelligence, along with body-kinesthetic intelligence. Don’t you think the teachers will make correct assessments of your children in this situation? In this style of learning, the focus is on identifying different abilities of the students and gauging them on the same parameters.

Through multiple intelligences, you and our tutors will know how well your kids understand every concept they come across in the classroom. You will be happy your children are getting the best learning experience.

Every learning experience is new

How many times have you asked your children about school, only to learn that they don’t find it fun or it’s boring? In conventional education systems, teachers use the same techniques repeatedly. As it doesn’t engage with the unique characteristics of children, they won’t pay attention in class.

child excited in class that uses multiple intelligence while teaching concepts

Won’t it be better if every day feels like a new one, especially in a learning environment? Your children will love going to school and will be ready in the morning to go, even before you ask them. When educators use multiple intelligences while teaching concepts, they can utilize different ways to engage with your kids. Your children will no longer zone out in the classroom. Imagine how incredible it will be, to know your kids will have positive experiences when learning in school.

For example, after your children finish a class in chemistry, what if the next period they go outside and play sports, dance, or engage in other physical activities? Through bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, your kids can take a break, ensuring they are fresh and ready for the next learning session.

Learning concepts become fun

Why do you think your children may not always enjoy learning new concepts? If your kids were to only stick to conventional education techniques, such as reading textbooks and listening to their teachers in class, they may not understand these ideologies. For example, you won’t know how to ride a bicycle or any automobile until you sit on it and try yourself. Having hands-on experience is transformative, as not only do you learn faster, but you also understand the concept completely.

educators teaching children while implementing the multiple intelligence theory

You can apply the same technique to understanding academic theories and methods by implementing the Multiple Intelligence Theory to customize the learning experience. Let’s say, the teachers take your children outside after a physics class, to build a model. The educators ask your kids to use the concepts from the subject to create this prototype. With this style of teaching, the teachers are catering to different learning capabilities of students.

Now your children will understand the academic concepts, as they have space and freedom to experiment with the knowledge they acquired. They will no longer look at learning as a chore, but rather fun experience.

Transform the idea of a classroom

By introducing Multiple Intelligence Theory to the classroom, it changes the experience of learning completely. As the academic year goes on, you will see your children becoming confident in their knowledge and abilities. Under conventional education techniques, your kids may exhibit behaviors such as not paying attention or disrupting the class or misbehave when they fail.

children reading books

However, multiple intelligences changes everything, as the teachers cater to the needs of your children. By using different techniques, your kids will understand everything that takes place in the classroom.

If your children have excellent interpersonal intelligence, then holding discussions at the end of class will help them make sense of all the information they received from the subjects. Similarly, when the teachers ask children to solve puzzles based on academic concepts, it will also benefit students who have an affinity towards visual-spatial intelligence. They will understand the subjects and perform well.

When your children no longer look at the classroom as a place where they receive no recognition, they will be eager to go back and learn every day. If your kids misbehave in school, you will notice a positive change in their behavior.

Multiple Intelligence Theory opens learning to every student, by identifying their abilities. Their differences in grasping concepts will become strengths, rather than weaknesses, transforming the meaning of a classroom completely. Learning Links Academy understands the importance of multiple intelligences, which is why we incorporate these ideologies while teaching students. Join LLA today to give your children the platform to recognize their potential and excel in academics and life!

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