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When a pandemic hits the world, panic spreads across the hemisphere without mercy. Homeschooling has become an inevitable part of this new life. It is a very new and most challenging experience for everyone. The new normalcy can be challenging to accept and deal with it. Especially when the children are at home the whole day, the attention required is very high compared to the school days. The need for parents monitoring the learning and development activities at home has increased and became unavoidable. The attention for children’ s education has become a primary task and most stressing for most of the parents like you.

Attending to various educational and learning activities might have taken the total energy you saved for the day. The new homeschooling demands have put each of you in a problematic and taxing situation. Some parents lose their cool while they try to handle household, work, and homeschooling. Trying out multiple things and getting stressed is obvious. Such a stressful situation can affect the harmony of the little life too.

Many families have observed drastic changes in children. Their behavior and emotional changes make you worried. Irrespective of ordinary days, their tantrums have increased and hard to handle it easily. The happy atmosphere of the home started fading due to this complex issue.

Here is the million-dollar question, how to manage homeschooling along with all the regular activities of a day without stressing your day?

Here is some guidance you may consider when you plan to start homeschooling:

1. Try not to judge or pressurize children based on your first day of homeschooling

Child having fun activity when homeschooling.

For children, homeschooling is a new chapter like it is for you. It is always a universal norm that adapting to everything new takes time and will be each one’s pace. Especially in the case of kids, you must have a lot of patience. They may take more time than you calculate.

Also, remember to adhere and implement the following tips:

  • Start with a fun activity and then slowly get to the learning topics
  • Give enough breaks to get the child on track
  • Go with your child’s interest initially
  • Be playful about the activities

2. Keep your day structured and sorted to include the homeschooling activities

You must be a working parent or homemaker. In both cases, your daily routine is not easy. Incorporating a homeschooling schedule to your regular schedule is very challenging. But in this particular situation, you have to find a way to make things sorted.

Here are some tips that may value add to your homeschooling experience:

  • Always plan your day in advance
  • Chart your day in such a way that, both you and your children get complete benefit out of it
  • Utilize, your children’s nap time and playtime for your other activities
  • Don’t forget to add a self-care time in your chart
  • Communicate to the co-parent for sharing the activities or household to balance your life

3. Get your homeschooling curriculum charted out and see the progress

Mother and child following curriculum for homeschooling

Charting your homeschooling curriculum is an essential part. You can pitch in the school faculty if you need help in charting the homeschooling subjects suitable for your child. Having a prescheduled homeschooling curriculum and achieving the desired progress graph will motivate you as well as your child. It gives confidence and motivation to excel further and make homeschooling a success.

Don’t forget to keep the following suggestions in your mind:

  • Do not chase other parents ideas or get into peer pressure
  • Consult school faculty to get the right help
  • Each child needs a unique strategy. Your school can give appropriate guidance to monitor the homeschooling curriculum
  • Sharing the progress with school and getting new tips is also beneficial

4. Encourage and reward your child at each learning milestones

Father encouraging son for doing a good job during homeschooling

For your child and you, homeschooling can be a new experience altogether. With so many restrictions refraining a child at home is the most tedious task. You might have to deal with his behavioral and emotional imbalance. And no need to explicitly say the tantrums to follow your instructions. The best bet is to give a reward for your child after the successful completion of each homeschooling milestone. Let it be a candy treat or his favorite show on TV or a family playtime. Bringing positivity and motivation to homeschooling activities is a vital part.

Some more tips to experiment:

  • Channelize and support your child to reach each milestone
  • Encourage and motivate for each smaller success and reward him
  • In family time announce and appreciate the effort of the child to reach each milestone

5. Last, but most importantly, get expert advice when you are in a dilemma

A facilitator guiding a child at home school

Homeschooling and managing other regular tasks is a tough situation. When you feel things are just not under your control or you need help to mentor your activities with children. Be open to contact the school faculty or other educational specialist to give you guidance and tips.

You may consider the following points:

  • Contact the academy or the faculty when you are in doubt or distress
  • Follow their instructions and guidance appropriately
  • Make sure you openly communicate your homeschooling challenges
  • Give an update on the progress after implementing the guidelines

Homeschooling can be new, but it’s the future of learning when the world is facing such a crisis. Explore, educate, and implement the guidelines from our expert faculty. You see a new light in the learning and development of your child. It is also a unique experience for you as a parent. Change is inevitable, but making it a good change is always the best way out.  

We, at Learning Links Academy always welcomes your questions and request for guidance.

Let’s make a triumphant story of homeschooling and happy parenting at the time of such a big crisis.

Cherish this time, and don’t panic about the crisis. This time also will pass.

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