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Learning Links Academy was established back in the year 1999. Since then, it has been contributing profoundly to the society by shaping the future of the generation of tomorrow. It helps the young and beautiful minds to understand how they can bring out their best versions. The approach followed here is a bit different though, it improvises the technique of learning and makes it an interesting process. However, all of us are aware of the current situation and the possible outcomes of it in the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has caused catastrophic consequences around the world and affected every sector. But we cannot let it get better in the education system. Online classes and virtual scenarios are being implemented so that learning never stops. Learning Links Academy is giving extra efforts to make sure that the development of the children remains unaffected. The basic philosophies of building a good individual are imprinted as ethics here. Under the leadership of Tr. Nenen Castro, the institution makes sure that each pupil recognizes their individuality while following these ethics.

(Tr. Nenen)

“These philosophies are the pillars of Learning Links education. Our programs and curriculum are inspired by them. The full online classes allow for all these philosophies to be practiced in the absence of a face-to-face onsight learning. The partial online classes pave the way for deliberate practice and feedback from coaches and experts to develop the dominant intelligence or interest intelligence leading to a career or profession. The whole study program is an opportunity for real life projects in collaboration with members of the family but requires parents to be full time teachers of their children. For an effective successful optimum online learning experience, the programs have to be anchored on sound philosophies and that’s basically Learning Links’ way of education.”

This institution believes in the concept of multiple intelligence. It emphasizes on the fact that each child is blessed with uniqueness. It is quite common that everyone in a classroom will understand a subject on the same level. Considering this fact, Learning Links Academy does not generalize the students. A child may have a different approach to learn the same context and this fact is highlighted here. And it is impressive to know how a child can benefit from this. Different techniques of learning help in sorting out the requirements of a pupil. Some may require attention in the field of numerical whereas others may require it on other parts. Students are encouraged on subjects they find their interest in. Particularly this does not let the interest in learning to fade away. While it is mandatory to maintain discipline, it is also essential that the teachers have to make an individual feel comfortable. If there is a cooperative environment between the teacher and the student, then there will be very few obstructions in the path of learning. Check out what one of the preschool teachers has to say regarding this specific method of multiple intelligence.

(Tr. Eva)

“Hi, I’m teacher Eva. I am a preschool teacher. I once have imagined that I am going to be a teacher and they think this is what God made me for. Looking back, I would always think of other people’s welfare, especially the children. I believe they are God’s gift to us and we should love and take care of them and love each other, including all his creations. God sent us with a purpose and equipped us with different intelligences that we should discover and hone. As a teacher, I always wanted to be involved in helping the children discover their purpose and lead to be of service to others by letting them be aware that they have different intelligences that they can use, that they have the people around them to work with and interact so that they can have more meaningful experiences. And that they will be provided with education that will consistently train them to become disciplined, synthesizing, ethical, creative, and respectful. These things I mentioned are the ones I believe would make the next generation a humane member and leaders of our global community, the people who can serve their purpose in this world. Thank you.”

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