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Multiple Intelligence, a theory introduced by Howard Garnder in 1983, was revolutionary. It showed the conventional way of learning using mathematical, logical, linguistic, and verbal measurements were not enough to define the intelligence of an individual.

Every person has a combination of nine types of intelligence, making every one unique. By identifying the makeup of each individual and providing a way of learning that focuses on their strengths, will help in personal and academic development.

As the capabilities of students get recognition, they will gain confidence in their skills. Children feel motivated to find their strengths and interests. Due to the increase in self-esteem, it encourages them to work on their weaknesses, resulting in all-round development.

Due to the diversity of learning capabilities, offering opportunities will help students grow. By learning about themselves, they will feel comfortable being in the classroom. They will be more receptive and productive and ready to engage. Also, they retain what they learn in the classroom, creating the foundation for a bright and successful future.

Watch this short video below from Josh Reandelar, an alumnus of Learning Links Academy, as he talks about how Multiple Intelligence has impacted his life!

Multiple Intelligence provides an active learning framework for students to realize their potential. Learning Links Academy uses this as its foundation to help children hone their problem-solving skills while improving their awareness and understanding of themselves and academic subjects.

Learning Links promotes meaningful education and personal growth to help find what students really want for their careers and lives!
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