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When our health and sources of income are threatened, stress and anxiety can be our biggest barriers to cope up. We wake up to an uphill battle every day — a battle to stay safe from the highly contagious Covid-19, a battle to keep our homes stocked with food in the midst of the pandemic, a battle to find the right strategies to keep our businesses afloat and for most parents a battle to make sure that their kids can still caught up with the changes in the education system we are going through right now.

We understand that it’s almost impossible not to focus on the uncertain future, and that’s left many of us scared, frustrated, and feeling anxious. But, through all of this, having the stress management skills as a parent has become vital. This article will address your feeling of nervousness about the new normal, and give you some important things to try for you to cope up faster and better.

It’s OK to feel a bit emotionally exhausted

To start the recovery phase, as most psychologists and stress management experts suggest. You have to understand that it’s okay not to be okay. Additionally, it’s okay to feel exhausted sometimes, especially these trying times as the pandemic still gives us additional challenges.

Understanding your emotional state and accepting it is the best way to start the recovery and eventually cope up with the new normal as a parent.

Embrace the change

Your day to day routine has been rapidly changed because of the pandemic such as grocery shopping that turned into a difficult, and stressful experience. Never allow this change to astonish your mind. Accept that grocery shopping is no longer the ordinary errand you used to run by yourself after work. Instead, embrace online grocery shopping. Take time out from your workday or after your workday and shop online.

Avoid the Chaotic Experience

Stop romanticizing over endless coronavirus coverage. Switch off your TV and stop over-researching the pandemic online. All you need to know about this virus is how to protect yourself and the people you love. The scary statistics and daily updates aren’t necessary and sometimes a vanity metrics, especially if you struggle with anxiety or depression.

Avoiding chaos also means keeping your home organized and clean. Take this quarantine period to declutter your home and your life. Attend to your indoor plants, for example, to make your living spaces livelier. Take better care of your pets and your loved ones now that you have the time. Use your time to improve your living conditions.

Look to a Optimistic Future

One thing is certain: the coronavirus pandemic will eventually end. No one knows when, but it will end. Take your imagination to places where you can’t go because of the lockdown. Project your mind to the future — a future where you will party, travel, work, make a better life for yourself. Learn a language or new skill.

Take an online course. Make note of all things you’ll do when quarantine is over, not all the things you can’t do now. Don’t let this indefinite isolation dim your fighting spirits. Don’t allow information overload to trouble your mind. Fight against the spiraling negative thoughts that coronavirus uncertainty has precipitated. In doing so, you’ll find yourself feeling much more calm and much less stressed.

Are you ready to transition your kids to online learning?

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