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With the enhanced community quarantine in place, your child must stay home till the government decides it’s safe to resume regular activities. As there is no school, you have to ensure that you educate your little one about essential life skills during this downtime. Learning tricks of the trade will not only prepare your kid to be an adult but also boost their productivity. Given below are eight skills you must teach your child during the quarantine period:

1. Art of small talk

children talking while eating ice cream after quarantine

Once the quarantine is over, your kids will have to return to their regular life slowly. Your kid might be quite the talker when it comes to your family and friends. However, when it is someone your child doesn’t know, he/she doesn’t speak at all.

As your kid starts to grow up, he/she will meet people from all walks of life, such as coworkers, managers, clerks, landlords, and professors. Learning how to interact with these individuals are essential life skills. Your child should know how to get his/her point across when necessary.

2. Basic repairs

dad educating child on car repairs during quarantine

If you have any repairs you plan on performing during the quarantine, ask your child to tag along. Learning how to use existing tools to fix issues in the household will go a long way in helping your kid.

Help your child understand the issue, along with how you plan to repair the problem. Your kid won’t learn these life skills until they reach an older age. The best part about learning to make basic repairs is that your child will save money when he/she has to perform these tasks in the future.

3. Cooking

child learning to cook with her mother during quarantine

Cooking falls under the category of essential life skills as your kids will need it once they grow up. Not only will they learn to appreciate food, but they will also learn how to help out in the kitchen.

As it is an excellent activity to bond with your child, ask him/her to help you cook a meal. At first, you can assign small tasks such as finding the ingredients in the fridge and defrosting items. You can ask your child to cook a small meal under limited supervision. Once your kid experiences the joy of making a dish, they will surely come back for more.

4. Financial responsibility       

child learning to save money during quarantine

Let’s face it–there has been some point in your life where you wished you learned how to handle your money at a younger age. Why don’t you pass on the financial knowledge you gained over the years?

If your child has an account, ask your child to keep track of how much he/she gets as pocket money and the amount he/she spends. You can ask your kid to maintain a record of the same if he/she doesn’t have a bank account. Share your knowledge on how to be financially responsible, as there is nothing more crucial than learning this essential life skill.

5. Basic first aid

child learning to administer basic first aid

Your child’s mind is like a sponge, which is why you should focus on providing as much information as possible during the development stage. There will be a point when there is a medical emergency your kid will face in the future.

As time is of the essence, learning to administer basic first aid can make the difference in saving a life. Rather than panicking during the emergency, your little ones will be calm as they know what to do during this situation. There are plenty of videos from certified practitioners available online.

6. Doing laundry

child looking at laundry

You want your child to grow up to an independent adult with good habits, as you know how it improves the quality of life. For so long, you were handling laundry for your kid, as he/she had to attend school.

As there is plenty of free time during the quarantine, why don’t you teach your child how to wash and fold clothes. Learning this life skill will boost the productivity of your kid, as he/she can perform this task when he/she is free. Also, it will teach your child how to avoid procrastination, which can result in the laundry piling up.

7. Operating the fire extinguisher

child learning to operate the fire extinguisher during quarantine

Did you know that there were 14,197 fire accidents in the Philippines in 2017? Not only can it be life-threatening, but it also causes significant to personal property. You know that when there is a fire, you should find the nearest fire extinguisher and put it out.

However, if you don’t know how to operate this tool, you will spend crucial minutes trying to figure it out. Showing your child the basics of a fire extinguisher along with how to use it will be a lifesaver. You can go on YouTube and find fun and educational videos.

8. Time management

child thinking of how to spend his time

Is there a better situation to show your child the importance of learning time management when he/she is free during a large portion of the day? One of the most essential life skills, it can help your kid both personally and professionally.

As your kids grow up to an adult, they have to learn how to juggle multiple things such as deadlines, projects, work, assignments, and running the household. Time management will not only improve their productivity but also enhance their quality of life.

Learning these crucial life skills will ensure that your child grows up to be a responsible and independent adult. At Learning Links Academy, we believe in imparting education through different techniques, as every kid is unique. If you want to give your child nothing but the best, we are now accepting applications for the academic year 2020 – 2021.


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