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Getting children to participate in sports is instrumental in helping them develop essential life skills, as they explore and learn about themselves. Although most parents want to provide nothing but the best for their kids, they don’t know which activity to choose, as everything looks like a good option. If you are in the same position, don’t worry, because we, at Learning Links Academy, created a simple guide to show you how to select the best program for your child!

Before we jump into the specifics of how to choose the right sports summer workshop, you need to know why you should enroll your child in one. Given below are a list of benefits these types of activities have to offer to your little one:

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Creates a foundation for discipline
  • Enhances the development of motor skills
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves vision
  • Ingrain essential social skills
  • Teaches the importance of sportsmanship

How to select the right sports for your child?

Parents playing sports with their child.

Going through the benefits of sports, you can see why students who participate in extracurricular activities also have excellent academic performance. However, when you start going through the summer workshop catalog, you come across a wide variety of activities.

The question on your mind is–“which sports to select for my young one?” We understand the concern as we offer plenty of physical activities to help children acquire essential life skills. First, observe your child and see if he/she already likes watching or playing a specific sport. Another way would be to ask your kid about his/her preferences. If you can get a clear answer, half your job is complete.

What if you and your child don’t have any idea about these types of sports activities?

In this situation, the first thing you need to consider before making a decision is your little one’s age. We find that children under the age of 10 have fundamental motor skills. However, they may not understand the complex aspect of sports, such as following directions and learning strategies.

Another factor you should take into your decision for choosing the right sports in our summer workshop is his/her physical ability. Certain body types perform better in specific physical activities. We recommend selecting sports such as swimming, taekwondo, or soccer, as they provide outstanding all-round development, irrespective of physical ability and age. It is easy for every child to pick up these activities. The best part is that your child can get into the complexities of the sport, once he/she grows up.

While you are selecting a sports summer workshop, you need to make sure the programs have the necessary qualities to aid in the development of your child. Take a look at the organization and see if they have a vision that focuses on giving children the right skills.

Another factor you need an answer to is the level of safety precautions the instructors in the summer workshop take to minimize the chances of injury. For example, we make sure that our coaches perform warm-up exercises before any sports game and follow them up with cool down drills. These types of simple activities will strengthen the body of your child, making it less likely for him/her to pick up an injury.

How to encourage your child to continue participating in sports?

Parent supporting child in sports

As essential as it is to find the right program, you also need to do your bit to ensure your child gets the best experience from our summer workshop. You must lead by example, as your little one will take cues from you.

As a role model, you should remember to be positive while your child is playing in a sports competition. It doesn’t matter if your little one’s team wins or loses, as long as your kid learns from the experience.

If you find any issues with the behavior of a teammate or the coaching style, do take it up with our instructors in private. Your feedback is crucial, as we use it to improve our sports summer workshop every year.

You are now ready to give your child the best vacation experience, as you know which sports to select and how to encourage your little one. Check out all the physical activity programs we have in place for our summer workshop. Give your child the golden opportunity to develop and work on crucial skills. By the time this summer vacation comes to an end, your child will be fresh and ready to take on the new academic year!


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