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Do you want to improve your grades? Or is your child struggling with theirs?

Studying may seem difficult but it really isn’t that hard when you’ve set up habits to help you.

Read on and discover some of the best study habits to improve your grades!

Proper Scheduling and Setting a Timeline

Timelines are essentially a target list or a work-to-do list for a certain goal. Try creating one for yourself or setting up timelines for your child to help them manage their time better.

In scheduling, according to the American Psychological Association, the recommended hours for studying depends on the credit or unit of the subject so try to evaluate the difficulty of each subject and schedule the correct amount of hours for studying.

Also, study sessions do not necessarily mean that the whole three hours will only be dedicated to a certain subject. Studying every day should at least be done for two hours.

“Proper scheduling and following it religiously is a great way to develop time management.”

You can avoid all the stress of tests by reading lessons in advance!

Use materials such as previous quizzes and mock tests

Studying is not only about learning new concepts but also retaining past lessons. Tests are the ultimate requirement for a student to advance to another level so it’s only practical to use them as a review tool as well.

Find out if you could obtain all the quizzes for a certain subject and study the topics that you find most difficult.

In this and age of information, review materials such as mock tests or flashcards can also be found on the internet. Drilling can also be used, this can be done by doing Q&A’s with someone who’s learning or wants to help you learn.

Use Mnemonics

Using Mnemonics is also a good way to retain information. Difficult concepts can be turned into songs, sentences, names, phrases. As an example, in Physics there are formulas being used. Work is equal to Mass multiplied to Acceleration and to Distance.

Work = M x A x D

To simply remember it using mnemonics you can construct a sentence. Here we can use “Work makes me MAD”. Using the mnemonic is easier than remembering the whole formula. Since there are multiple formulas in physics and a short amount of time to study, it is better to familiarize yourself or your child with mnemonics!

Come Prepared!

Advanced reading is a part of studying where the student reads about the next topic or found in the later part for the subject. This helps your child to already familiarize the concepts of the subject, allowing him to recite properly and be prepared for any unannounced quizzes.

Although when you’re reading about something you’re having trouble understanding, try going back to it later after the lesson or try looking up videos and materials on the internet!

There are many more study habits that you could teach or learn to improve your performance at school. But always remember that grades do not define someone’s intelligence, finding your passion and working hard towards it is what really matters!

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