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With the school year coming to an end, the question on every parents’ mind is, “what’s next?”. Two to three months of complete freedom or summer vacation as we all call it means one thing for students–time to watch TV, play video games, and relax. We, at Learning Links Academy, understand what every parent wants. A space where children can receive education and have fun simultaneously.

As hundreds of students attend summer workshops every year, we know the impact it can have on their lives. We often receive this question from parents–why should we send our children to these workshops?

Are summer workshops any different from school? Another common query people ask us. Given below are five skills that students could gain when they attend these types of camps!

Active learning away from school

For children to learn things properly, they need to be in a fun environment. We noticed that students find it easier to remember the skills they pick up when they are having the time of their lives.

In summer workshops, children don’t feel like they are in school. They don’t have to worry about what the teacher expects from them or any grades. We notice that this level of freedom impacts the way children learn significantly.

This type of workshop offers students an environment for acquiring new skills, at a pace comfortable for them.

Helps build confidence and creativity

While schools are excellent places for education, students often have to stick to studying specific subjects. Summer camps are a place where children have the freedom to pick from a wide variety of fields.

We provide a space where students can learn new skills, without any time constraints. When children try different activities for the first time, we observe them growing in confidence. By the time they leave the summer workshops, they will be ready to apply the new skills in school. For example, taking a course in robotics can help children look at physics from a different perspective.

Summer workshops also offer students the space to express themselves, without the fear of judgment. With this type of freedom, creativity has room to grow.

Pick up valuable social skills

When students are asked about their experiences in summer workshops, we always hear stories about the friends they made. We also get to know how the experience of learning something new together brings children together.

These workshops are the place where students get to meet peers from different walks of life. A break from the regular school crowd helps bring out positive changes in children. New environments teach students how to interact with different people.

These changes shape children, as they learn how to get out of their comfort zone. When students have to go to international institutions to receive education, they will be able to make new friends quickly.

Teaches independence

We believe learning how to be independent is a crucial life skill for people. Schools don’t always provide an environment where children learn about themselves. On top of that, as students are away from their houses, they will pick up the art of making decisions.

We don’t apply any pressure on children, as we want them to explore their individuality. For example, our For Kids Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Program is a place where students can learn to make their dreams a reality.

Our children learn how to take charge of their decisions while having ample amounts of fun. An environment with positive emotions will always have a long-lasting impact on the academic and extracurricular development of students.

Our summer workshops offer these types of advantages for our students. It is our aim to ensure children have fun while acquiring crucial skills that will help them in the future. We are happy to provide them with a solid foundation in education and the keys to improving themselves. If you wanted to know what to do this coming summer vacation, now you know. Our summer workshops offer music, theater, robotics, taekwondo, entrepreneurship, dance, creative writing, and more.In our summer camps, you don’t have to think about how your children spend their time. Check out all the programs we offer as part of our courses and enroll your child today!


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