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Studying online can be sometimes too overwhelming especially for kids and in order for your child to cope up with these challenges even at a young age, they will need to develop their mental strengths which we also call resilience as these will be super useful not only for their growth but, facing more challenges growing up.

If you’re looking for ways on how to boost your child’s mental health here are 5 practical ways we curate just for busy parents like you:

1. Keep Things Simple

In times of crisis like this Covid-19 pandemic we are all facing now, it’s paramount to be open and honest with your kids. But you need to do it in a way that they can easily comprehend. Keep the information you share with them about current events as simple as possible. The simpler you keep your talk with your kids about the challenges, the fewer reasons your child will have to feel stressed about it. Pro tip: make sure to talk with them leveled to their height while looking at their eyes genuinely.

2. Role-model a positive outlook for your child

Childrens are more likely to apply what they learned from their parents, so role-modeling is the key to boost their mental strength. For example, ‘Running all the way around the park looks hard with all the blockage ahead, but I think I can do it if I take it slow and steady’, or ‘I’m disappointed that my meal wasn’t cooked properly, but that’s OK – I’ll try it again another time’.

3. Teaching your child to be independent

Another mental health boosting tip is to entrust your child with manageable tasks to complete by themselves. Praise them or give simple rewards when they finish their tasks so they feel good about completing them. For example, when they are done playing with their toys you could give them the chance to arrange it with themselves. If they face troubles, acknowledge and support their efforts and tell them what they can do better next time they have similar troubles.

4. Motivate them to do physical activities

Physical health and mental strength are strongly correlated. Always try to motivate your child to get enough rest, drink enough water, eat right, exercise regularly and get some sunlight. These are all great ways to boost their energy, mood and mental health too.

5. Focus on their strengths

In the Philippines, we have different ways of discipline especially if you look back on our traditional ways. But, with all the new challenges ahead of you and your kids it’s more important to focus more on their strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. Because, it will cultivate their confidence today and beyond.

Ready to boost your child's mental health today?

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