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Are you an incoming senior high school student this coming school year? If you’re curious about the things that you’ll experience in senior high, read on!

Senior High School can be both familiar and unfamiliar territory, but things may still feel very different from middle school. Here are the top five things you can expect in senior high:


Senior High School is an awkward stage for many students: you feel like you are (and should be already) in college but the systems and schedules remind you of high school.

Your instructors are still confined to (or accustomed to) traditional teaching methods like PowerPoint lectures and discussion-then-test routine; unlike in college where you have immersive discourse between the students and the instructor. This is normal and it is not as bad as you think.

New Opportunities

This is a time you will be facing a lot of opportunities. From competitions abroad to national awards, students are encouraged to “go beyond their curriculum.” This is also a good way to improve your worldview by travelling to places you’ve never been before and talking to new people.

You might find yourself with more workload than ever before!

A lot of these changes will be good for you. Some may challenge you, some may inevitably disappoint you, but all will build character and help you mature. Wherever you go, achievements, with or without awards, will be good for you. But it is as helpful in the long run as you make it.


It’s true that SHS students have a workload similar to college students. Weekly tests, multimedia projects, and extracurricular will take up your time while in SHS.

However, you do not have the flexibility of college students where they have long breaks and have the freedom (without the usual consequences) to skip classes. You will be making the most out of your spare time to meet the deadlines.

It may sound difficult but the experience is fun once you are there. Foolproof advice: finish things days before the deadline. In case your work needs to be updated unexpectedly, you still have days to make things right.

Friends for life

You will be with your peers the majority of your days for two years. Friendships will be born out of this and do it right and it will last a lifetime.

Don’t let the future trouble you, it will all work out eventually!

It is an endearing thought to be with a group of people while growing up and “discovering” yourselves. Looking back, the things you did with these people may be funny and cringe-inducing but it is better to have fun memories than to have none.

In your 20s and throughout adulthood, having a small friend group you see regularly from your SHS years is rare and a gift.

Lots of “firsts” and “lasts”

The last year of SHS is nothing but bittersweet. Everyone knows it may be the last time you will be seeing others but nobody wants to talk about it. It is time you make the big decisions: where to go to college or even if you are going to one. Some students end up in their dream college, some in their second pick, and some will be working already.

Your two years will also be marred by first-time experiences: cramming before the deadline to complete your research paper, organizing many SHS activities, or new experiences with friends.

Senior High will only take two years. It is both a short and long time to evolve from high school and prepare yourself, as a person and as a student, for life.

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