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You might be aware of the popular quote that reads “To be successful, focus on your strengths and develop them.” Hey, you might be a person interested in self-improvement at all times. Again, you are here because you wish to understand the true difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We can understand that this is the most common question asked in most students and their parents. So, let us help you find the answer to this question. When you gain a basic understanding of these two skills, you can very well differentiate between them without any hardships.

So, what are interpersonal skills?

When you properly interact with another person, you should thank your interpersonal skills for it. When it comes to the job arena, it is generally used to denote the ability of a person to interact and get well with the team members to successfully get the job done. It means that this skill encompasses everything right from communication to listening and even it is used for denoting attitude and deportment. For any position in any organization or in schools, interpersonal skill is a prerequisite undoubtedly.

What to know about intrapersonal skills?

Intrapersonal skill is something to do with your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Even, your friends might not know about your interpersonal skills. Anybody can see and evaluate your interpersonal skills, but nobody other than you can know about your intrapersonal skills. However, a very strong relationship does exist between these two skills. The reason is that when you have good intrapersonal skills, they will produce a very good interpersonal relationship.

A comparison chart:

As a student, you should have both these skills. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your son or daughter has both these skills at the best to perform well not just in education, but also in the future. Here are some details to compare both.


  • Interpersonal skills will help you communicate with others. You might be communicating daily with your friends and teachers at school and your parents at home. Even, these days, social media communications happen due to these skills.
  • Intrapersonal skills are present within you and you alone know about them. How well you communicate with your mind will be decided by your intrapersonal skills.

People Involved:

  • At least two for interpersonal skills.
  • Only you for intrapersonal.


  • Interpersonal communication should be shown up regularly due to social needs these days.
  • Intrapersonal skills continue to develop as you will be communicating a lot as you grow in many situations.


  • Interpersonal: Supported by both verbal and non-verbal media.
  • Intrapersonal: Here, only your personal internal senses are involved.

Concerned with:

  • Interpersonal: Exchanging and sharing of information and knowledge.
  • Intrapersonal: Analysis and thinking.

You might have seen that one of your friends at school does not interact with others. So, you and others might feel that he is not good at interpersonal communication and skills. But, he might have very strong intrapersonal skills. The reason is that he will have a lot of thought processes going on within him. He will be conversing a lot with himself before making any decision. He will have the right skills to evaluate the pros and cons before deciding anything. 

Now, with these things known about the differences between these two skills, it is time for us to buckle up and understand how these two skills work.

How does interpersonal communication work?

It is good that you plan to develop interpersonal communication skills right in your student life, such that you can perform well when it comes to a job. Here are certain ways interpersonal skills work:

  • Try to converse with as many people as you can. Of course, at this age, you might have hesitance to talk to your teachers. But, whenever you get an opportunity to interact with your teacher, do it. It will boost your confidence level to a great extent. For instance, when you have doubts about your academics, you can very well talk to your teacher. Some teachers are highly ready to help our students. In fact, good teachers never fail to do it.
  • Try to understand people. This is something important not just at this young age but even when you grow up. The better you understand people and their interests, the better you will be in a position to interact and communicate with them.

How does intrapersonal communication skills work?

Of course, many of us have intrapersonal skills to a certain extent. The reason is that in many situations we talk to ourselves. If you wish to develop it, you can try the following:

  • Try to talk to yourself a lot. You can just stand in front of the mirror and can imagine yourself as another person and start communicating.
  • Evaluate yourself and know about yourself completely. You can very well understand that only when you know yourself, you can interact with others.

Studies show that interpersonal and intrapersonal skills involve lifelong learning. They will help you keep improving yourself to a great extent undoubtedly!

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