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Senior High School. A new concept introduced in the Philippines just this 2016, though already an applied curriculum on some other countries like Japan, USA, and some European countries, it’s still a fairly new experience for each affected Filipino.

Every senior high school has its own programs, curriculums, and offerings so everyone’s experience can differ. Regardless, there are things that make senior high school distinct and common at the same time, preparing students for a brighter future ahead.

Here are some of the things you can expect as a Senior High School student:

Almost like College

Senior high school, according to some teachers, is like college because of the specialization for each strand. The usual strands that are offered everywhere are the General Academic Strand, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences Strand, Business, Accountancy and Management, and the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics strand. Some schools offer more strands than others. Some strands focus on Arts, Physical Education, and Vocational Strands.

The General Academic Strand or GAS can be compared to the old high school curriculum, but with a twist. GAS students can choose (depending on the school) on some select subjects on different strands. This enables students to explore what they would like to take as a career path. Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (HESS), Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand (STEM) are more specialized compared to the GAS.

Senior high school gives a college vibe due to the available specialization. But you still have to wait a few more years before you can have your own schedule. Senior high schools still have their definite schedule for each subject so the almost college feels ends there.

Writing research papers helps students understand important concepts and subjects further via careful research and data gathering!

Final Requirements

Senior high schools and each strand has its own final requirement. Usually, all the strands have investigative research. The research varies each strand from scientific research, community research, or business proposals for business students, among others.

In colloquial terms, this is like a mini-thesis. But don’t be too overconfident upon reading the word “mini”. It still takes an arduous amount of time and effort to finish the research. Your research topic may be provided or you may have to come up of one yourself, but still needs to be grounded on your strand. The mini-thesis is the gateway for academic opportunities and there are national competitions that recognize well-written research.


Nothing beats experiencing your prospective career like being in the actual shoes of the industry. Immersion programs are common among senior high schools. This is where the students are required to immerse themselves in the working environment.

If you’re dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, Learning Links Academy actually promotes entrepreneurship and has programs specifically set up to help students start their own business as part of immersion programs.

Some schools have already partner companies or government agencies while others give free rein to the students on where would they like to immerse. Immersion is a great experience for the student given that they would have a certain feel and idea on their prospective career. It’s like on the job training for college students.

Sharing ideas with others can help people get new perspectives!

Above All, a Marketplace of Ideas!

Considering that you enrolled in a school with multiple strands, this will inevitably have the tendency of ideas being shared from one strand to another. Indeed, you might enroll in a specific strand, but that does not limit you to interact with other students from other strands.

This creates a marketplace of ideas where an idea is a free commodity. This could be considered a game changer with the fact that young ones have fresh ideas. Contributing and sharing these ideas are not only beneficial to you but for everyone else.

That’s about it! There may still be other things that you can expect as a senior high school student, but these are the most common. Do you think you’re ready? Still don’t know what strand to take? This blog might help you decide!

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