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Contrary to common views, contemporary schooling can further appreciate a child’s social skills as compared to that of traditionally-schooled children. The modern educational alternative called customized learning is not really ‘modern’ in the sense that it has been practiced even as early as the 60s. Today, this form of schooling is abuzz among parents who want the best quality of education for their children and rightfully so, as today’s school systems need to keep abreast of students’ changing needs.

Customized or personalized learning gives regard to how a student may learn at a different pace and in different ways. For parents who want to know more about the benefits of this type of alternative learning, the most important thing to remember is that the system mainly attempts to establish the most convenient ways for a child to progress academically and give them access to educators who focus on specific learning approaches. 

Read the facts below to know just why customized learning is considered one of the most effective educational methods today.

It’s more intimate and specific.

Identifying the needs of a student and customizing a curriculum that empowers and teaches him to be in touch with other people grooms him to be an independent member of society. This makes customized learning similar to providing intimate and specific instructions that measure progress in terms of aptitude as opposed to time. Educators know that there is no such thing as an ‘average student’ because each one possesses unique skills, talents, and attitudes. The way customized learning allows a student to be flexible in absorbing knowledge at his own pace and with less pressure draws out his full potential in various aspects and eventually makes him well-rounded.   

Customized Learning allows teachers to focus on what really matters and improve learning outcomes.

It’s not always reliant on technology.

Parents who are looking to homeschool their children and apply customized learning can do so without much independence on technology. The success of this type of educational method is not realized with the use of computers and other gadgets alone, more than plain and simple teacher/parent and student collaboration and experience. Homeschooling likewise improves results in academics and plays a huge factor in students’ emotional and psychological development. Homeschooling and customized learning go hand-in-hand even without the use of much technology because homeschooled students are more engaged in community activities than those attending the standard school set-up. This gives them more chances to participate in sports, cooperative classes, church, and community services among many other social activities.  It gives children ample social interactions that teach them to adjust appropriately and actively seek answers to practical situations instead of depending on technology like Google or their mobile apps whenever they need some answers.

It’s progressive.

In customized learning, students who lack motivation and interest do not progress to higher education just like that. But the truth is that only a few students under the method fail to progress since students are taught according to specifically designed curricula that suit their individualities and development. Most students under customized learning usually receive credit for mastery of their subjects and student-teacher collaborations play a big part in achieving this especially for challenged or struggling students who need more personalized guidance and approaches. Each student under the method is coached in acknowledging that they are expected to attain high levels because the coursework is designed for their own progress. In homeschooling approaches, proper parental guidance helps the homeschooled child perform better in terms of socialization, behavior, decision-making, and communication skills. These homeschooling benefits all help students reach the mastery of their respective subjects faster, further proving that progress through customized learning can be realized by applying more personal and focused methods especially for those with special educational needs.

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