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Our world turned on upside down starting last year, leaving a lot of us wondering how to keep moving forward. Learning online or from home can be a dream, until it’s a nightmare, and the majority of us turned into teachers and caregivers alongside our full time careers.

If we learned anything from these catastrophic events, it’s that we can adapt quickly as humans and make it all work for most of us. But things are going to look a lot different. Now that we are fully into 2021, here are five things you should say no to in order to move your child’s growth forward in our new education landscape.

1. Focusing in differences

If you have two or more kids instead of focusing on their differences you have to focus more on similarities. Talk to your kids about what they have in common with their friends, family, neighbors and classmates — rather than what is different.

Focusing on similarities and shared group experiences is the most effective means scientists have tested for increasing people’s sense of obligation to others and their social sensitivity.

2. Not building mutual trust

Trust issues can occur if you waste your time not building it with your kids, it’s potentially damaging for the relationship and worse for your child’s growth. In order to boost your child’s resilience and ability to adapt to a more challenging world. Building trust with your kids is super vital, especially these days.

For example, your kids might have internal problems that you don’t know about, so in order to let them speak up about it, they should feel and know that they have someone to trust and someone to talk to without being judged.

3. Helping them instead of truly understanding them

There are times that your kids might feel frustrated with the requirement they need to complete to be able to pass any specific subjects, so, you’ll need to understand their pain points and what are the things that they might be doing or not doing in order to complete it. Understanding them deeply rather than helping them complete the task is a powerful learning experience for both parents and children.

4. Avoiding to ask about what’s important to them

Gone are the days that parents are always the authority and children will always do what the parents dictate to them. If you’re very concerned about their growth you have to invite your child once in a while to talk about the values that are most important to them. What qualities matter the most about their personality? Perhaps it involves their athletic or artistic abilities, or their sense of humor. Have a conversation about why these things are important aspects of their lives. And listen to their answers without passing judgement.

5. Not making music together

Having some understanding of music, no matter how old your kid is, can have positive effects on their social skills. A 2010 study found that young children who played music rather than games with other kids were more likely to help another child later on in life. We can’t stress enough how important music is for the development of your kids and much more if you create it together.

Are you ready to boost your child’s growth this school year?

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