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The popularity of providing a personalized learning program for every student is on the rise. Educational institutions are choosing to keep their seating arrangements flexible in classrooms and emphasizing learning based on competency. As the teachers’ focus is on each student and improving their academic and personal achievements, they get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your students. However, as a customized learning program is going mainstream, there are myths that dilute its meaning and purpose. Learning Links Academy created a list of three misconceptions that you will come across when trying to understand this style of education:

1. It is technology-centric

mother helping son learn with the personalized learning program

The common belief among parents regarding personalized learning programs is that their children will rely on the internet and iPads to learn subjects and concepts. You may assume that since it is a modern style of teaching. 

However, this isn’t the case, as technology is a tool. Your kids will indeed watch videos during class hours or for homework, as they are relevant to the academic subjects. However, customized learning doesn’t only rely on technology to do all the heavy lifting. The teachers are responsible for showing your children how they can use their smart devices to learn. Educators will use academic exercises and activities to create a fun learning environment for your kids.

They act as a mentor, providing support to your children to make decisions on how and what they want to learn. If you think about it, technology can’t do these complex tasks.

2. It only focuses on independent learning

child working together with classmates at the personalized learning program

Since a personalized learning program focuses on the individual rather than the entire classroom as a whole, independent learning is the central theme. Makes sense? Your children indeed have to take responsibility to study subjects based on their knowledge. Due to this reason, people assume every student works alone.

However, this style of education goes beyond the individual, as it also includes collaboration. Your children have to learn to work together with their peers, as this is the only way they can complete specific tasks and exercises.

A customized learning program gives your kids the freedom to identify different techniques they can use to improve their ability to grasp information. In their enthusiasm to learn more, they will find like-minded peers who share their interests and passion. Everyone in the classroom works together as it will help them learn effectively and quickly.

3. It depends on everyone’s pace of learning

child enrolled in the personalized learning program

As the customized learning program caters to the individual needs of your children, you may assume that they learn at their pace and time. It is understandable why this notion exists as it involves online learning. Another misconception among parents about this method of teaching is it relies on completing tasks, rather than passion.

However, this doesn’t represent the true nature of a personalized learning program. True, your children will learn based on their skills. At the same time, your kids will have to set goals depending on their abilities.

It doesn’t stop here, as the teachers will involve your children in the entire learning process. They have to plan on how they can achieve their goals, use appropriate resources, and discover new ways to acquire knowledge. As they will use their passion and interests to learn, the pace of studying academic subjects doesn’t slow down. In fact, it does the opposite, quickening the process.

personalized learning program

The beauty of a personalized learning program is that it gives freedom to your children on how they want to learn. Similarly, it gives teachers the tools to adapt to the needs of their kids, enhancing their learning experience.The education system is undergoing reform as it is starting to identify new and better techniques to engage with students. Learning Links Academy understands the importance of a customized learning program, which is why we make it our core for educating children. If you want your children to have the best learning experience, get in touch with us today!

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