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The COVID-19 situation has compelled schools to send their children home. Classroom studies have been disrupted. After all, it is imperative to take full care of the well-being of our little ones. But, the closing down of schools does not imply the discontinuation of education. As parents, you must take the responsibility of imparting education to your children by the means of a homeschooling program. Now, how can you make it work?

Learning Links Academy is here to help you with a guide on things to know about homeschooling before you take the first step. So, read on below.

1. Take one day at a time

mother and child getting into the rhythm of the homeschooling program

Getting into the rhythm for a homeschooling parent could be overwhelming. You may not get things right on the first day. In most cases, there will be a communication gap between your teaching and your child’s understanding of it. However, eventually, you will start figuring out the subjects that evoke your child’s interest and curiosity. More importantly, you will figure out a pattern or an approach that incites some level of motivation in your child. It could be through an audio-visual medium of imparting lessons, practical activities or even storytelling. You would know what type of learning experience your child is more likely to respond to. It is always imperative to reach out to professionals in the field if you have questions and keep them in the loop regarding progress or delays. 

2. Consult a teacher to prepare a routine

mother and son consulting a teacher online

A homeschooling program is incomplete without the preparation of a lesson plan. You should strictly follow a three-pronged approach to packaging subjects and lessons. These include:

  • Creating task deadlines
  • Maintaining a log of tasks completed (usually that comes to full circle with the child clearing an assignment)
  • Maintaining backlogs

Now, how would you go about this? The easiest way is to consult educators and ask for a curriculum or lessons plans that are followed in school.

3. It does not follow a one-way track

children doing different activities

A couple of board-works, matter-of-fact teaching that aims at clarifying concepts of language, math, science, may not work for your child every day. We are not saying your child would not respond to these approaches at all. We are just saying that on some days they would work, while on others they would not. So, what do you do? Try to gauge the mood of your child, especially at a trying time like this. Is your child up for some playful activities? You can always make science experiments in the kitchen or your backyard fun, or play math games with him/her! Be creative with your approach. And, do not forget to make sure your child gets ample break time. Rewarding also helps.

4. You must become a learner yourself

mother enjoying learning session with her child

Homeschooling is the new normal, and so is the new parent who needs to be a child himself/herself. A teacher is not just a teacher but also a learner who is always in the process of understanding child psychology, better methodologies of teaching, even revising lessons on the daily. So, before preparing your child for the future, you must prepare yourself.

If done right, the homeschooling program could prove beneficial to your child’s development. Learning Links Academy offers learning programs customized to the needs of each child. You can consult us anytime to understand what may work best for your child’s education. 

homeschooling program

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