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When most schools first announced they were closing for a couple of weeks, it was easy to assume that this was a short-term solution and everything would be back to normal soon. But now that an increasing number of schools are officially closed for the rest of the school year, it’s clear that this new online learning environment is here to stay.

We understand that it’s going to be important for parents to ensure they’re doing their best on choosing the right online learning partner for their kids. This is a big change for every student who is used to learning in person, and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. So, we list down the 10 mistakes most parents make when choosing an online learning partner, to ease the pain of doing the same mistake all over again.

1. Listening to bad advice

Some parents think that getting advice from teachers or admission specialists is the best way. But sometimes as a parent you know best. If you’re under pressure to choose a specific online learning partner for your kid(s) at the moment, but your instinct is telling you that that one in front of you is a wrong choice, trust your instinct.

If you really want to get it right and think about your child’s growth, then ask your child what they need. Sometimes, we need to step back a little to learn more about what they really need. Having a deeper understanding about your child’s passion and dreams can be one of the best ways to get a hint on choosing the right online learning partner for them.

2. Not considering the extra-curricular

It’s not all about the program choice. Getting involved in your kids’ student life is vital to ensure that you’re giving the best for their online learning experience.

Now, if your kids have shown themselves to be a person with communication, teamwork, leadership and other skills. It’s less of an issue in Learning Links Academy online programs where we have plenty of extracurricular options, but do make sure whatever program you choose has extracurricular options that interest your kid.

3. Fear

Choosing the same old program for your kids. Online learning journey is about new experiences and new friends, so don’t stick tightly to who or what you know.

4. Rushing the decision

Most parents are under pressure because of the challenges we have right now, but to think clearly and to have clarity so your kids can have a fruitful and meaningful learning experience, it’s essential to take a deep breath and thinking thoroughly before making a decision, especially if it about choosing a learning partner for your kids online. When you have clarity and peace of mind you’ll be able to discern what’s better for you kid.

5. Not asking for help

Parents often have a hard time admitting when they need help. This is often based on the incorrect assumption that doing things on their own will prove they are better or stronger than people who reach out for support. But the truth is that asking for advice and seeking feedback takes a lot of courage, and shows much more emotional maturity than stubbornly trying to tough things out on your own. So, this is a great time for us to encourage parents to get into the habit of seeking help and support.

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