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Things are constantly transforming and we understand that it will take some time for us to get to the usual things we do before we have been hit by the pandemic. As more organizations are moving more digitally, you might be wondering what proven method you can explore to maximize and have a meaningful learning experience from online learning. 

Here are 8 methods for a fruitful online learning journey:

Be active and participate

If you’re an active participant you will have a higher chance to remember the topics and lessons that your teachers talk about. Research shows that active learning increases brain activities and leads to much better retention of new knowledge.

Repeat to retain

Another simple way to boost your online learning is through good, old-fashioned repetition. Now, that might sound boring, but it’s how you get your brain to reiterate which is so important. Repeating new knowledge or tasks is crucial in allowing the information to move into a learner’s long-term memory.

Set clear expectations

Expectations help students gauge requirements for the course and individual assignments (e.g., rubrics). Make sure to keep expectations realistic to avoid a cluttered mind that might end up dropping on a class. Scaffold learning experience so that high expectations are achievable.

Be autonomous

Self-directed learning describes students who take initiative and are responsible for their own learning. However, not everybody has developed the skills to select, manage, and assess their own learning. Here at LLA, our teachers provide guidance by having students set goals or become aware of Metacognitive Skills (Faculty Focus).

Be present

Your  presence as a student is key. Make early contact at the start of the class and stay active throughout the course (e.g, in-discussion forums). Stay present by sending regular feedback and asking high value questions.

Build personal connection with peers

In online learning class, instead of simply introducing yourself, consider reaching out to other members of the group. You can ask them a few questions about themselves to understand what type of group you belong to. It can also help you understand others’ motivation for taking the class, their expectations for the semester, their special areas of interest, and the kind of support they’d find helpful.

Choose what’s best fit for your needs

Online learning technologies give students options for what to learn and how to learn so they can regulate their own learning or progress. As a student, you can have a little conversation with your parents to tell them what you need and they should guide you on what’s the best program for you. Also, you can tell your parents to reach out to our admission office and get the best advice from our expert online teaching professionals.

Main Focus

Maintaining focus while listening to an online class can be sometimes hard but, in order to maximize the programs and get the best things on the course that will benefit your learning progress as a student. You have to instill the principle of maintaining focus.

Are you now ready to enroll your child today?

Here at Learning Links Academy, we provide a supportive environment where growth is valued. Over the years, wonderful people have come to join us in rallying and revolutionizing education. They, too, believe that education is more than just knowing concepts; it is about understanding who we are and what we can ultimately do.

Inquire today to learn more what’s best program that suits your child’s need

Request more information if you’d like to hear more from our admissions team about our online learning options at Learning Links Academy for your kids. Please call us directly at (+63) 917-305-8574 for more info or email us at lla.admissions@learninglinks.edu.ph. 

Thank you for reading! The views and information provided in this post do not reflect Learning Links Academy programs and/or outcomes directly. If you are interested in learning more about our programs, you can find a complete list of our virtual summer boot camps here or reach out directly using contact form if you have any further questions!

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