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Is it possible to combine Multiple Intelligence Theory with online learning? As the current situation due to the pandemic is forcing education to go digital, questions arise about how to engage with students. Focusing on multiple intelligences will help the teachers appeal to your children. But how will you go about this in an online learning environment? Learning Links Academy created a list of activities which teachers will utilize to ensure students have an incredible educational experience:


child enjoying online learning with the help of multiple intelligences

Kinesthetic and online learning? You may assume this type of multiple intelligence cannot work in a digital world. However, if you were to create a space where your children can explore the virtual environment, you can see an improvement in their learning abilities. Teachers can host interactive scenarios such as drag and drop activities or engage your kids in games that require hand-eye coordination. As it involves movement, your children will no longer look at online learning as something they have to do, because they can’t go to school. 


child raising his hand

By focusing on activities for multiple intelligences, the teachers can help students with existential intelligence. They can create an environment where your children have the freedom to raise questions about academic subjects. Your kids will love holding conversations with the teachers and grasp the topic of interest. 


family practicing multiple intelligences learning through group activities

For interpersonal multiple intelligences, the goal is to create role-playing scenarios for your children. Remember, your kids have to experience complete immersion for them to be able to understand and explore academic subjects. Asking them comprehensive questions and holding group discussion activities will get your children to pay attention during the online learning course. Teachers will ask them to put themselves in the shoes of other people or help a fictional character solve a problem by providing advice and clues.


child doing reflective exercise with the help of multiple intelligences learning

Okay, you know your children can understand themselves deeply. How do you make sure your kids are learning while attending digital classes? Teachers will focus on using learning exercises that require collaboration with other students. They may also use chat programs to give your children space and freedom to share ideas and experiences and help their friends. Utilizing reflective exercises will help your kids break away from conventional thinking patterns. The teachers will ensure your children use the knowledge they acquired through online learning and apply it in specific scenarios. 


child listening to audio and word-play activities

If your children have musical intelligence, don’t you think it will be better to teach them through rhythm and music? As your kids will think along these lines, it becomes easier for them to identify and listen to patterns. Using case studies with only audio and word-play activities such as mnemonics in online learning will help your children understand academic subjects. Using relevant music and sounds will create an immersive experience for your kids. 


child having a conversation with his classmates through the phone

You know your children have linguistic intelligence when they can express themselves via language. As they can convey their thoughts and of others, how will the teachers cater to these types of students? Creating a place for conversations and discussions, such as chat rooms and online forums will change how your children look at academic subjects. During the course, teachers can use pop-ups, which contain additional information about the topic. Well, you can even encourage your children to maintain an online notebook (such as notepad), to write down their ideas while they attend classes.


child solving a mathematical problem online

When your children exhibit mathematical intelligence, how can you accommodate online learning with their ability to manipulate numbers and utilize logic? What if you start to use activities that include the use of tables, charts, and diagrams? Illustrating essential points in the topic with these techniques can help your kids work on their critical thinking skills. Your children won’t be able to peel their eyes off the screen while learning academic subjects in this style. Imagine how incredible it will be to see your kids excited to attend the class the next day.


child reading about different living organisms

You know your children have naturalist multiple intelligences when they can differentiate between various living organisms. At the same time, they can understand the connection that exists between these living beings. In this case, the teachers will focus on holding classes that involve organization or classification of species. 


multiple intelligences learning helping child enjoy a learning activity

Okay, how is anyone going to help students who exhibit spatial multiple intelligences in the digital environment? Since your children understand space and navigate it with ease, teachers will focus on activities that use graphics and flow charts. Through visual engagement, your kids will understand the academic subjects as though they are listening to it for the hundredth time. The teachers will make sure they use relevant images while teaching, as they don’t want these pictures to take away from the online learning experience.

multiple intelligences learning with LLA

As you can see, it is possible to combine Multiple Intelligence Theory with online learning. Learning Links Academy understands the importance of catering to the differences of students, as it gives them the tools to excel in academics and personal life. If you want your children to have a revolutionary online learning experience, get in touch with us today!


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