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“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead them to a new way of thinking” – R. Buckminster Fuller

The coronavirus pandemic took over the world like a storm. Most people did not expect such dramatic changes to their lives. The switch to online learning has become a savior in these trying times as school and universities have shut. In the Philippines alone, there are around 27 million students who have been forced to stay and learn from home. These online programs have shown tremendous progress in the education system.

You can agree when we say that classroom education has become monotonous and uninteresting. Relying on age-old practices imparting knowledge on our children has not only been proven to be unproductive but has had adverse effects on your children’s minds. Classroom teaching has also made children dependent on a system to manage their time and finish their work.

1. Learning life skills

Online learning inculcates habits through experience

Online learning inculcates habits through experience and not through a forced routine. The students are self-reliant when it comes to how they learn. They can take their time to understand a topic. They learn to manage their own time and live a life of self-discipline as there is no teacher to tell them what to do and how to behave. With the skills that they have acquired, they are able to improve work prospects for the future. Companies are now demanding people who are more creative and flexible. The online experience encourages you to think outside the box.

2. Learning from doing

children learning by doing activities

The education system through schools has become more of a ‘have to’ situation than a ‘want to’. Students are attending classes with no motivation to learn something. This mindset has totally changed in online learning. Schools have started incorporating different activities to aid in learning. It is no longer a situation where the teacher speaks and the student listens. The ways of learning have become more creative which has helped students to grasp information in a better way.

The student will learn more from experiencing than from listening. This will improve the way the student thinks. The old way of memorizing a particular topic and vomiting it out during a test has been completely removed. The student will learn to analyze and apply their knowledge better through these online activities.

3. E-learning resources

online learning gives you access to a large variety of resources

In the Philippines, the DepEd has incorporated many e-learning resources to help students with their online classes. The variety of digital tools available has shown to improve the learning experience. Websites like Open Educational Resources (OER) have opened the field of learning. The students are no longer limited to textbooks but can now access a large variety of resources to help their learning. These websites also do not limit the subjects which the student can learn. The available subjects include many more than what was actually being taught in schools. This will obviously improve them academically as the knowledge pool has widened.

4. Higher retention rate

child studying with different resources

Many students have claimed that they retain more information through online learning than they do through traditional schooling. The use of multimedia has really helped the students to be more focused. In the Philippines, the use of these learning platforms like Learning Management System (LMS) have incorporated activities which were not available in the traditional way of teaching. All these contribute to improving your academic performance as well.

5. Comfortable environment

Online learning helping child learn in the comforts of their own home.

It is obvious that people learn better when they are comfortable with their environment. Online learning helps you learn in the comforts of your own home. Many students get easily distracted when they are in a classroom. For some students, the thought of a classroom is enough to bore them. This is one of the greatest advantages of online learning. It completely eliminates the uninteresting part of learning which is sitting in an uncomfortable chair and listening to a dull lecture.

6. No geographical boundaries

child taking online classes

It is also a bonus that the online experience does not have any geographical boundaries. You can access your lectures from anywhere in the world without having to travel. The student living in the Philippines will get quality lectures from teachers around the globe. The student can also network with like-minded individuals from anywhere in the world. This encourages the student to learn things from different perspectives. The situation in different parts around the world are different. This results in different mindsets in the people as well.

7. Study at your own pace

child studying at his own pace

Getting the chance to study at your pace may be the most important ways to achieve academic excellence. Students are able to learn more in depth when they are not given a time limit. The student can spend as much time on a topic as they need. This will not only improve the quality of education but will help the student prosper in their future careers.Learning Links Academy is one of the few that provide quality online schooling. During these uncertain times, every parent is afraid that their children will miss out on a lot of crucial activities that they get from school. However, seeing the benefits that digital learning has, it may just be the better option for your child. Enroll your kid today!

online learning

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