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Hey, summer is approaching! How do I engage my kids for the entire summer? What options do I consider? Do I try outdoor activities alone or indoor as well? I am perplexed. Whom do I ask?

This is a prevalent scenario among most of you as parents when summer is around the corner. You all are worried and confused about the most appropriate choice of a summer workshop for your kids. You can’t afford to take a bad move and spoil your dear ones the most enjoyable period of their school life. Well, you are not alone. We have an appropriate answer for your concerning queries. Allow your kids to be the umpire of summer workshop decision making.

Yes, you heard it right. Though it does not sound that easy, indeed, it is effortless to implement. By making your kids the decision-makers or the significant contributors to choosing their summer workshop is a fantabulous idea. Let us take you through the challenges and advantages of involving your kids in choosing a suitable summer workshop for them.

The Challenges You May Face

There are different challenges that you may face when deciding what summer workshop your kid should take.

Ask yourself, why not my kids choose their summer workshop? Can my kid decide by himself, or should I give a helping hand? If yes, how do I help him to make the decision?

In a general scenario, the main challenge is some of your kids are very small to decide or contribute. When the kid is so small, you have to decide for your kid. There is no choice. But you have been watching your kid’s interests and activities all through the year. Those interests can give you a hint to choose the most appropriate one for the smaller ones. Also, there won’t be wider choices for the smaller ager group. So it won’t be that tough as you imagine. 

The next challenge is, in some cases, the kids do not know to convey or communicate what they want. Here the parents have to ask different and in-depth questions to bring out the choices of your kids. This makes it easy for you as well as your kid to conclude the list.

The Undeniable Advantageous

Summer workshops comes with a number of advantages.

There are multiple advantages when a kid decides his summer workshop. Some of the most undeniable ones are:  

  • You made your kid independent and given much importance to choose his interest. It’s always a feel-good factor for any kid!
  • They are aware of why they want, and it is purely their interest. So no surprise or enforcing by parents.
  • They can choose to be with their friends which is a fascinating part of every summer.
  • There is less trouble making to complete the workshop when kids are thrilled with the choices they made.
  • The limitations or preferences are discussed before making the decision itself so that it won’t be a problem later on.
  • Kids feel more involved and familiar with the activities scheduled for them.
  • No anxiety or fear factor associated with it any activities.
  • You don’t have to feel guilty to send your kids for something they don’t want to attend.
  • Last but not least, you are much relieved and tension free when kids make their decision, and they know what they want.

Every parent wants their kids to make decisions independently when they grow up. Let this be the start. Encourage your kids to choose their activities of interest. Let it be indoor or outdoor games, arts or culture, and any available choices. As parents, you really don’t have to break your head to find workshop activities for summer. Let them take ownership of their summer vacation. It’s a much more peaceful and stable approach.

However, you have to help them understand the cost factor. Some of their choices may not come under your budget. That can lead to disappointments. To avoid that, you better take the activities that are in your budget range to the discussion desk. Having said that, the kids won’t feel unhappy about not getting what they want.

How To Choose With Kids?

We have an exciting summer workshop coming up catering to varying interests and age groups. Let it be arts, literature, sports, or science; we have a variety of options available for you! Enroll today in LLA’s summer workshops. For more inquiries about the workshop of your kid’s choice, check out https://learninglinks.edu.ph/summer-workshops/

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