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Studying, like every other aspect of our lives, is affected by technology. As years went by, technology has both since a helpful agent and an unruly distraction for students all over the world. Banning phones and internet was and still is a common practice for some schools but, technology isn’t going anywhere. 

The best we could do is take advantage of its benefits. To help you with your senior high school subjects, here are several Youtube channels for you:

crash course youtube study channel

Crash Course

Whatever your senior high school strands and subjects might be, you’re sure to find something useful from Crash Course. As its name suggests, this Youtube channel offers a crash course video on everything from economics, physics, astronomy to literature, biology and poetry. 

Each of their videos is only ten to twelve minute long. It’s concise, summarized and a perfect intro for any concept you’re having difficulties with. 

Study with Jess

Vlogging is a big thing for SHS students across the world. Influencers have made the platform into their careers and are indeed exerting their influence on the buying habits of this generation. So why not extend it to your study habits?

Studying with Jess is a Youtube channel built by a psychology graduate that aims to motivate students all over the world through proper organization and goal-setting. If you ever feel stuck and itching to organize your table and files, buckle up and watch one of her videos for some tips. 

How To Adult

Don’t we all want to know how? Since SHS is gearing you up not only for college and university but also for adult life, you might find this channel helpful. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t plan to work right after senior high school, the tidbits shared and explained in this channel will help you along the way. 

With videos tackling topics such as doing your tax, keeping your mental health and acing job interviews, this channel will answer your questions on adulthood. And possibly prepare you more than the generation before you. 

MIT Open Courseware

Senior high school strands can be very limiting. Once you’ve chosen which strand you want to be a part of and which track you want to pursue, you’ve also closed the doors to other subjects you could take that are not part of your curriculum, right?

Wrong. Well, technically, you might not get to study literature in STEM but with MIT Open Courseware, you could pursue your other interests. MIT is one of the highest-ranking universities in the world and they’re one of the first universities to upload their lectures online – make sure to take advantage of it. 

Ariel Fishman talks about “What I Learned From a Year in a Wheelchair” at Yeshiva University’s first TEDx.


We’re sure you’ve heard of this. TED is a non-profit organization that is devoted to spreading ideas through short, powerful talks from different speakers from different fields. For senior high school students, there is a youth version of TED Talks wherein you could learn everything from medicine, global issues to advertising – in 100 different languages. 

TED Talks even go to different universities and cities around the world to spread ideas and cultivate the culture of innovation. 

Youtube is one of the biggest online platforms and it has proved to be innovative in its work. Take advantage of this platform to expand your senior high school experience with different subjects and talks. 

Feature photo by dhe haivan on Unsplash

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