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Millennial parents are changing the way they raise their children compared to previous generations based on recent studies. These changes, whether they are career-driven, health-conscious or equality-focused, are affecting how they spend their time, resources and make important life decisions, as well as influencing the opinions and environment in which future generations grow up.

Are you curious to know what type of Millennial parent you are? Then keep reading…

Busier but you try to spend more time with your children

This is more like you as a parent if you embrace a “co-parenting” approach, in which responsibilities for all things kid-related are split more or less equally (especially for both parents that are working). That means the struggle to find the balance between work and caregiving is shared by both parents. Studies have found that this type of millennial parents want to spend more time with their kids even though they are struggling to balance work and family life.

Value Positive Parenting over Authoritarian Discipline

In traditional parenting, it’s acceptable to have strict discipline to set limits on a child’s behavior. Today’s type of Millennial parents such as this are more likely to reinforce positive behaviors than punish negative ones.

Always on the hunt for parenting advice

In today’s connected world, we have a tremendous amount of resources to draw on the internet and that includes parenting tips, thanks to the internet, social media and the instant contact of texting.

Unlike traditional parents, who relied on experts for advice beyond their own moms and dads, this type of Millennials parents can and do seek out experts in every field of parenting, gathering information from both virtual and real contacts.

Accepts modern family structures

In recent studies, more women are choosing to be single parents each year. Once typical of only poor and minority women, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as the stigma of being a single mother has been replaced by the choice by women to have children on their own. This type of Millennial parents specifically those single parents and LGBTQ parents are changing the notion of what a traditional family looks like in the new millennium.

Waiting longer to start a family

Whether you’re already a Millennial parent now (or dwelling to be a parent someday) you are most likely waiting for a longer period of time before starting a family which might be because of many reasons, including financial constraints, career decisions, wanderlust and more.

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