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It’s always a joy to become a parent. You get to experience many firsts in both your child’s life and that of yours as the years go by. Soon, another first will present itself in the form of finding the right school for your child. Any parent will want to enroll their child to a good school that develops his best traits, teach him new strengths, and opens him up to new interests. But while there are hundreds of schools in the country, finding the perfect school for your kid may take some huge effort on your part to make the most out of his education.      

To help you get your child into the most suitable school environment that can celebrate his individuality, check out these five tips below the next time you do a school visit.

Visit online

To save you some time and effort, search for your prospective schools online first. Most school websites will give you a wealth of information about their educational standards, mission, and vision statements, faculty, and school amenities. It would also be better if you can find out the average number of students per class, the school’s city rank, curriculum, and other such important details. This way, you can pick out a school of your choice and proceed to schedule an ocular visit with your child.     

Ask for a tour

Consider what your child would feel in the school environment

Ask if the school you are visiting offers an on the spot tour which can give you a good insight on the school’s amenities and general environment. If there are scheduled orientations for parents, make sure you attend the event and strike up casual conversations with other parents to gather their take on what the school needs to improve on, add, modify, or maintain. Get to know the teachers and staff as well so you know their respective capacities. At the end of the day, assess if the pros outweigh the cons and if the school and staff are what your child needs.  

Get a feel of the environment

Remember the phrase ‘first impressions last’? Well, this is also applicable to the first time you enter the school premises on a visit. Schools all have their unique sense of environment and you can instantly feel that when you come and observe their daily routines. Come and visit on a school day to learn more about the school’s systems and the people running it. Are school personnel friendly? Do the students look happy? Do students exit the school in an orderly fashion upon dismissal? Make sure you acquaint yourself with these seemingly trivial details as if you are the one who will be attending the daily classes because this is what your child is going to feel every day for some years to come. 

Consider your kid’s needs

Try to discover what your child’s needs are in terms of his holistic development.

This is one of the most important things to look for in a school when you come and visit. Choose a school that respects individualities and are inclusive to all in its activities. Your child should never feel like an outcast and made to feel different from others. Ask if the school has proper clinics with health care professionals that can treat any common pediatric discomfort. Opening up about your child’s needs and medical history is essential if you want to ensure that his wellbeing is on top of the school’s priority. 

What’s unique about the school

Lastly, try to find out what makes the school of your choice unique. What are the school’s mission and vision statements? What values do they place importance to? What are their philosophies? Some schools place more importance on certain tracks and strands, while others excel in all. Find out the school’s strengths and fostered culture so you can ensure that your child is getting the best education in the best environment he can be in.

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