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Summer is a great time to meet new people, try new things, and get away from home for a while! 

LLA’s summer workshop is designed, curated and delivered to achieve unmatched learning outcomes and the best summer experience, especially if you make use of the following tips:

1. Believe that workshops can be fun

You will learn a lot from outdoor activities that are meant to be engaging and fun. You do not have to burden yourself with activities that you do not like. Instead, you could choose the workshop that best suits you or even that helps you discover your interests!

2. Plan for it

person planning for summer workshop

Check the workshop’s packing list and check off everything that goes in your bag. Here’s a great tip: make sure to label everything with your name so that other campers know not to use your toothbrush.

3. Be positive

If you are a parent, a workshop can teach your child to be self-reliant and if you are a child, you can see this as a time to learn independence. Outdoors might seem risky, but with responsible teachers and tested activities, there are many reasons to stay positive!

4. Socialize

three kids talking during summer workshop

New environment + new people = new opportunities to make friends! Interactions in camps feel more relaxed and natural. And you don’t really have a choice but to communicate with others, right?

5. Participate

Summer workshops are the perfect place to try new things. You can try your hand at arts, literature, science or sports. The key is to participate and have fun!

6. Follow the rules

happy children of summer workshop

Make sure to follow all the rules! Bringing anything illegal to camp, purposefully breaking curfew or other rules, and being mean to other campers will have some not-so-nice consequences.

7. Learn to learn

Everyone has a different learning style. A workshop can help you discover your style and the instructor can help you use it on a daily basis! You discover the fun in learning.

At Learning Links Academy, you can link each tip to fruitful learning, just give it a try with our summer workshop!

Learning Links promotes meaningful education and personal growth to help find what students really want for their careers and lives!
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