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Looking for ways to manage aspects of your child’s journey into preschool? Do you feel a little bit overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of sending your ‘baby’ to out there?  

The transition from teaching your child at home to formal education can be quite grueling at first but here are some tips and tricks that can help ease you out of those first-day-of-school blues:

It’s OK to be emotional

It’s totally understandable if you feel a little bit emotional when sending your kid off to kindergarten. This is a milestone for both you and your child after all. And in a treasured, bittersweet moment like this, shedding a tear or two is fine, but remember that your not-so-little baby will eventually be okay and so will you.  It’s definitely important that you work together with your child’s teachers to make your kid’s first experience to schooling a success.

Be your child’s first teacher

It’s important that you remain a good source of guidance for your child.

Even before formal schooling begins, engaging your child in a classroom-like environment at home works wonders. Aside from teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s, start introducing them to books and notebooks. You can also check with your prospective schools on suggestions and lesson plans for your child and how they can ease themselves in the kindergarten environment. Create opportunities that build your child’s reading and writing skills and make it fun while you’re at it.

Be assertive to your child’s needs

Remember, you are your kid’s very first advocate and schooling should be a fun and fulfilling experience for them. Make sure to meet with the adviser and classroom teachers, as well as other school staff to develop a conducive plan to make your child feel comfortable in school. Recognize the importance of building a trusting and friendly relationship with your kid’s teachers and you will reap the rewards soon after.

Start with the basics

The first few weeks of preschool can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience for your kid. It is important to introduce them to the new arrangement by setting morning and bedtime routines that will allow them to be comfortable with the new schedule.  It’s also best that you train your kid with basic manners and proper toilet etiquette before they mingle with other preschoolers. Saying “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” are standard, and so are flushing the toilet and washing their hands after a trip to the bathroom.

Prepare  their “baon” wisely

Their lunches don’t have to be complicated, but make sure they’re healthy!

As much as you want to monitor your kid’s eating habits, you wouldn’t be able to do so all the time especially when they are at school. But a healthy selection is possible when you think and plan ahead. You can check different nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes online and make a week-long list to ensure your child is getting a balanced meal. Oh, and make it cute and enticing. There are a lot of cool and bento-box ideas on Pinterest that you can check-out!

Most important of all, take the time to relax as you watch your kid’s school journey unfold. Come to think of it, this is your journey too so good luck!

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