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Anxious about Senior High School life? Been thinking about how you can survive or at least make it easier? Read on and find out how you can get through Senior High School without a scratch!

First things first, Senior High School will require you to make decisions on your own. These decisions will have consequences that only yourself is responsible for. Your two-year stay will be easy if you make it be. Here are some pieces of advice on how to make Senior High School life easier.

Be decisive and self-aware

Your first major decision before becoming an SHS student is which track to choose. You may like the Humanities track but see the Sciences track to be more employable when you graduate.

However, your first choice may not end up what you like after a year. Be self-aware to think if you can still go through or shift to another track that will be better for you in the long run. Be decisive on things before it is too late.

It is important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and how much you can compromise and adjust.

At some point, you will have to decide if you would rather go to an event or study.

Know that you cannot have and beat everything

Peer pressure is everywhere. A classmate asks you to be at her birthday party while your club called for a meeting, all these while the deadlines are approaching.

A basic rule of physics is you cannot be at two places at the same time and a basic rule of time management is you cannot do everything all at once. You may regret not going to some activities in exchange for another, but that is life — a series of hard decisions that are equally as important as the other.

Compromise and do the things that are most needed. Come Monday, it may sting a bit to be out of the loop about the birthday party or the club meeting, but you got your requirements done.

Take notes and organize everything

Having multiple subjects every day and many commitments weekly are hard. A realistic consequence of this is you may forget details of some things. That is why it is important to take notes and have a physical copy of your lessons or meetings which you can go back to.

Organizing everything means keeping things clean and streamlined. This involves putting where things should be are so the next time you look for your Economics class’ notes, you instantly find it, and knowing your schedule.

Be reminded of your priorities

Having a priority is easy, but being reminded of it can be hard for some.

Similar to the second and third advice, you should know what matters most. Of course, passing your subject is a required priority, however, there are more than just one important priority in an SHS student’s life.

You may need to maintain a grade to or regularly attend basketball practice keep your scholarship. It is inevitable you will be missing out on things. Priorities are set for a reason: to guide you to your goal. It will also keep you going forward and work smarter to achieve your objective.

It’s okay if you feel confused at times, you can always ask for help!

Resting is okay and asking for help is okay too

All work and zero rest may be already a mantra for some. If it works for you, then you do you. But for some, it may lead to an unhealthy obsession for results.

Resting is okay. It puts your mind at ease which makes you more efficient when you get back to work. You cannot be working and exhausting yourself Monday to Sunday. What could happen is a poorly proofread research paper or even fatigue that may lead to a fever.

Also, you will be not knowing things and that is fine. Your instructors have a consultation period, which you should take advantage of, are there for a reason. Ask for help is free and goes a long way. It shows that you are eager and humble enough to gather information from people other than yourself.

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