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They say it takes only 30 days to build a habit that would, later on, turn into a routine. Good habits and a structured routine are helpful in daily life, and it’s even more helpful for students in senior high school. 

To help you develop a good studying routine, here is the list of small habits that can help you regardless of your senior high school strand

Managing time 

Any professional will tell you how important the value of time is, regardless of what field they are part of. As a senior high school student, you’ll be facing a different classroom routine and curriculum from your junior high school experience. In SHS, things tend to be more hectic with additional senior high school subjects depending on your strand.

To build this habit, start using a planner for your assignments, meetings, and deadlines. This could either be a physical notebook or a digital app – whatever works for you. You could also train yourself to always set your alarm or your watch 15 minutes in advance to keep yourself from being late. 

Did you know that writing improves your memory?

Taking better notes

You’ve been taking notes since primary school, so why does this habit need to be honed still now that you’re in SHS? It’s simple. You could be taking notes incorrectly you’re whole life. 

In senior high school, teachers and professors expect efficiency in your note-taking. There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to your senior high school subjects, and the faster they could discuss, the more they get to cover. To build this habit, hone both your listening and writing skills. Instead of writing down everything on the board and everything you hear from your lecture, practice listening and then, writing down the important points. 

This habit does not only avoid wrist cramps but it also already helps you review and see how much you can understand in the lecture. 

Staying organized

It’s easy to set aside a few hours or a day to organize your things, files, and to-do list but it’s another thing entirely to stay organized. 

Build the habit of keeping yourself organized by doing things immediately. If you could do it in less than five minutes, do it and stop putting it off. You’d be surprised how quickly these little errands could add up and save you a whole lot of time.

And we all know, in SHS, time is of the essence. 

Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism

Eating well 

Senior high school may be hectic and busy but your health should always come first. After all, if you get sick, that’s more off-time you’d have to take. Regardless of your senior high school strands, eating well -and not just eating whatever- should be a staple in your routine. 

Build this habit by making sure to rise up early to eat breakfast, avoiding too much sugar and salt and keeping a food journal. Knowing what you put in your body will not only help you regulate it in SHS but your future self will surely thank you as well. 

Balancing school and personal life

Most importantly, in SHS, build the habit of keeping everything balanced. Too much studying can burn you out and too little will have you flunking. 

To build this habit, put aside days to see your friends and do things non-school-related like going to an amusement park or seeing a movie. Spend time with your family and support system and for sure, you’d go back to studying feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Remember that building habits are not done within a day or a week, so don’t be disheartened. Start small and if you see yourself faltering, pick yourself up and try again. And that’s another habit that can help you in senior high and in life.

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