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Online learning has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. Due to its easy accessibility, quick learning format, and hassle-free learning solutions, anyone can easily learn anything and at any time right from the comfort of their bedroom. Out of the popular formats of virtual learning is synchronous online learning.

What is synchronous online learning all about?

It is incredible virtual learning that is being conducted in real-time with predefined timings and required login times. There is a real-time interaction in the format, and learners can access the content according to the given schedule. At times, students can come across a hybrid learning model using both synchronous and asynchronous formats.

It is an effective way to have a distant learning session in real-time. You can easily interact in your class with your instructor and classmates at a particular virtual space at scheduled timing. Usually, instructors take attendance like they usually take in a classroom.

The most common methods of synchronous online learning

It is often conducted in four ways:

  1. Video conferencing
  2. Teleconferencing
  3. Live chatting
  4. Live streaming of lectures

Why choose synchronous learning?

1. It offers an engaging classroom interaction

student interacting with teacher

For those who prefer to indulge in live interaction with fellow students and instructors then it’s surely meant for you. It’s like a traditional classroom where interaction plays a key role. The only difference is that here you are going to have virtual interaction with your classmates and instructor. The best part is that you don’t need to make any special efforts and attend your favorite session from the comfort of your room.

2. It is a highly dynamic learning process

Synchronous Online Learning

It gives you a privilege to do your research on the same topic without disrupting virtual classroom peace. Also, it is the speediest way of learning while exploring different concepts, ideas, and topics without any strings attached.

3. It enhances learning and productivity at the same time

Synchronous Online Learning enhances learning and productivity

You can interact with your instructors and professors on a daily basis. You will get multiple opportunities to clear your doubts and queries in real-time. There is no don’t need to schedule an appointment. Everything happens swiftly to enhance your productivity and save your time.

4. It helps you to build your connections

Synchronous Online Learning can help build fruitful connections

Building fruitful connections is very important in today’s times. So, it will give you an ample amount of scope to have discussions and collaborations. You can interact with your fellow students, instructors, and others to build a professional community and relationships for growth perspective.

Undoubtedly, it is an effective and productive method of learning in today’s hectic lifestyle. You can engage with learners and instructors to learn any course or program within a few clicks without making much effort. With instant feedback, questions, comments, and interaction you can easily learn and clear your doubts without waiting for too long. So, it is nothing short of a boon for ardent learners who don’t have much time and resources in their hands.

Synchronous Online Learning

With LLA’s Full Online Program, we focus more on synchronous learning, wherein a teacher is guiding and teaching the students in real-time. Curious about how it works? Our admissions are extended until December, enroll your kid now!

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