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Want to do better this upcoming school year? These tips will definitely help you get better!

Say goodbye to summer and say hello to the new school year! It’s time to gear up and buckle down to face homework, class requirements and papers from your different classes.

To help you with preparing this school year, we’ve gathered the best study tips for you:

Take time to refresh your knowledge.

Prevention is better than cure, and preparation is the best weapon to every war. Not saying school is war but you get the point. Before school starts, go back to your notes from the previous year. All summer, you’ve avoided everything that is connected to school but it’s time to dust off those books and stretch those brain muscles.

Reviewing your old notes will help you prepare yourself to absorb knowledge better by the time school starts. It also provides you a jumping point for the coming concepts your teachers would introduce.

Maximize your planner.

If you don’t have a planner, it’s time to get one or at least use the one on your phone and laptop – it’s a lifesaver. Keeping a planner doesn’t only help you mark events and deadlines ahead of time. After all, your life doesn’t revolve around school and classes alone.

Make sure that you’re also using it as a checklist for your tasks, a list of things you need to buy or replace, and so on. Make sure as well that you put in your social commitments like night out with friends or trip with your family – keeping your life well-rounded and balanced.

Find your rhythm.

Maybe you absorb information best when you just woke up or maybe you like studying better at night. Be familiar with your own rhythm and adhere to it. Don’t just copy someone else’s schedule because not everything works the same way for everyone.

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Look for your study space.

It doesn’t have to be just one place. In fact, you’re advised to have several spaces you could study at. If it’s at home, make sure that it’s away from distractions and from your bed. The more you study in one place, the more your brain will associate it with studying.

Finding your own study space where you can focus is important!

If you prefer to study outside your home, make sure that these places don’t get too noisy with other patrons. It also helps if they have proper lighting, affordable food and fast internet service, all of which you need to study properly.

Maximize your classes.

Multitasking is a myth and it does more harm than good. In class, make the most of your time by focusing on the topic at hand and taking notes and noting down questions that you might have. When your teacher asks if you have questions, don’t let pressure keep your hand down – ask your question. Your teacher is there to help you.

In times that you have free time during class, use it by reviewing for classes that you feel you need to prepare for. Or if your teacher is open for some questions and clarifications, approach them respectfully.

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Make friends in every class.

Sick days are inevitable. If you feel like you’re coming down with a bug, do everyone and yourself a favor and stay in your home or dorm room. On those days, having a friend pays. Not only do you have a companion during classes, you also have someone to ask for notes whenever you’re sick or absent from class.

Having friends also means that you have more than just your brain to work with. Ask them questions and answer theirs. You could even have a study session if you want. The exchange of knowledge and notes helps everyone involved.

Don’t get discouraged.

Get even… better. When a bad grade comes, it’s okay to be upset but don’t let it linger too long and look over your mistakes so you can take note of them so you could avoid repeating them.

Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s normal to have a hard time. It’s part of learning. If you find yourself having a hard time alone, consider hiring a tutor for yourself or asking your teachers for additional instructions and exercise. You could even ask your friends. There’s no shame in asking for help.

Studying could be fun and challenging, but you don’t have to do it all at once or all alone. These tips should not only help you get better at studying, and thus, getting better grades but it should also help you live a balanced life.

Doing your best doesn’t mean being excellent at the expense of your health and relationships. Doing your best means being excellent while being at your peak health, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Now, go forth and slay the new school year!

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